Theory of Automata hand written Notes Download

Theory of Automata hand written Notes Download

Today we are with the Theory of Automata hand written Notes specially for the Baddi University students.You need adobe reader to open these files as they are in PDF format. You can download Adobe reader from adobe website OR by searching in the google. These notes are written by our experts special for back bencher students who never make notes or attend classes.

What we have covered in these Notes-

Finite Automata and Regular Expression: Finite State System , Basic Definitions, Non-Deterministic finite Automata (NDFA), Deterministic finite Automata(DFA),Equivalence of DFA and NDFA Finite Automata with E-moves, Regular expression, Equivalence of finite Automata and expression, Regular expression conversion and vice –versa.

 Theory of Automata

Introduction to Machines: Concept of basic machines, Properties and limitation of FSM, Moore and Mealy Machines, Equivalence of Moore and Mealy Machines, Conversion of NFA to DFA  by Arden’s method.

Properties of Regular Sets: The Pumping Lemma for Regular sets, Application of the pumping lemma, Closure properties of regular sets, Myhill-Nerode Theorem and minimization of Finite Automata, Minimization Algorithm, Kleene’s Theorem.

Unit-III                                                                                Grammars: Definition, Context Free and context sensitive grammar, Ambiguity, Regular grammar, Reduced forms, Removal of useless Symbols and unit production, Chomsky Normal Form(CNF), Griebach Normal Form(GNF).

Pushdown Automata: Introduction to push-down machines, Application of pushdown machines.

Turing Machines: Deterministic and Non-Deterministic Turing Machines, Design of T.M, Halting problem of T.M., PCP problem.

Chomsky Hierarchy: Chomsky hierarchies of grammars, Unrestricted grammar, Context sensitive Language, Relation between language of classes.

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