Computer Networks hand written Notes Download

Computer Networks Hand Written Full Notes Download

Today we are with the Computer Networks hand written Notes specially for the Baddi University students.You need adobe reader to open these files as they are in PDF format. You can download Adobe reader from adobe website OR by searching in the Google. These notes are written by our experts special for back bencher students who never make notes or attend classes.

Unit I
Introduction: Layered Network Architecture; ISO-OSI Model, comparison of OSI and TCP/IP models.

Data Link Protocols: Stop and Wait protocols: Noise free and Noisy Channels, Performance and Efficiency; Sliding Window protocols: Go Back and Selective Repeat ARQs, performance and Efficiency; Verification of Protocols using Finite State Machine; HDLC Data Link Protocol; Integrated Services Digital network; Interfaces, Devices; Channel Structure; Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM); ATM Cells, Header and Cell Formats, Layers in ATM, Class 1,2,3,4 Traffic.

Local Area Networks (LANs): IEEE 802.3, 802.4 and 802.5 Protocols; performance of Ethernet and Token ring Protocols; FDDI protocol; Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) protocol.

Unit II

Network Layer protocols: Design Issues: Virtual Circuits and Datagrams; Routing Algorithms; Optimality principle, Shortest path routing – Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford and Floyd-Warshall Algorithms, Flooding and Broadcasting, Distance Vector Routing, Link Stat Routing, Flow Based Routing, Multicasting Routing; Flow and Congestion Control; General Principles, Window Flow Control, Packet Discarding, Isarithmic Control, Traffic Shaping, Choke packets, RSVP; Dead Locks and their Avoidance; Network Layer in ATM; Interworking: Bridges, Routers and Gateways; Internet Architecture and Addressing.


 Unit III       Personal-Computer-Networking                                                              Transport Layer Protocols: Design Issues: Quality of Services, Primitives; Connection Management: Addressing, Connection Establishment and Releases, Use of Timers, Flow Control and Bufferings, Multiplexing, Crash Recovery; Elements of TCP/IP Protocol: User Datagram protocol (UDP/TCP Layering, Segment Format, Checks Sum, Timeout, Connection Management, Finite State Machine.


Session Layer protocol: Dialog Management; Synchronization; OSI Session primitives; Connection Establishment.


Unit IV                                                                                                          Presentation and Application Layer protocols: Presentation Concepts; SNMP-abstract Syntax notation.1 (ASN. 1), Structure of Management, Management Information Base; Cryptography: substitution and Transposition Ciphers; Data Encryption Standards (DES), DES Chaining, Breaking DAS, Public Key Cryptography, Authentication Protocols; Electronic Mail; World Wide Web.

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Extra Notes For Toppers-
Extra Notes For Toppers

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