A special article on Gandhi Jayanti to get Success

Hello Friends,
We have a holiday on 2nd October on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
I have decided to write this article on 2nd October but I am late anyways, today I get the time for the article on Gandhi Ji.

Just 1 day back, My Mam gave a lesson on Gandhi Jayanti that was ossum. I have no words for that.And also Mam revise us that Gandhi Ji told us very good things like

Bura Mat Dekho(See No Evil)
Bura Mat Bolo (Say No Evil)
Bura Mat Suno (Hear No Evil)

With due respect to Gandhi Ji, I don’t agree with him.Ya, you have read right lines. I do not agree with him. Now you are thinking I am saying such a big thing that why I do not agree with Gandhi Ji.”
Okay, Let’s play a small game.

Step 1-Close your eyes.
Step 2 – Now “Don’t Think about your Mother”.
Step 3-I said “Apni mumma k bare mey nhi sochna”
Step 4-I said “Your mother photograph should not flash in front of your eyes”.
Ohhh laaaa
What happened?
How many of you are thinking about your father or brother?
Obvious No one.

All are thinking about your mother.
So WHY this happened.

The scientific reason behind it that our mind can only think in the form of images.
Our mind can’t understand the words.So when Gandhi Ji said “Bura Mat Bolo”.
So there is an image come in mind of “Bura” something bad. But coming to next word “Mat” No image comes what “Mat”. Mind can’t understand the word “Mat”.Then coming to next one “bolo”. Now there is image coming in mind that you need to said something but what something. Coming back “Bura mat bolo” but our mind understands “Bura Bolo”.So that’s why I am not agreed with Gandhi Ji.

Because they introduce “Burayi” OR Bad things in his words.
In most cases, If someone said “Don’t do that but we are still doing that thing”
OR take an example if two people are fighting with each other and you said “Please don’t fight” “Don’t fight“. Then their fight will become more dangerous.Because their mind understands “Please fight Please fight.” They don’t get the image of word “Don’t”.

So if you want to get success over the world than you need to do something different.Because all people are doing same things I.e.-

Bura Dekho (See Evil)
Bura Bolo (Say Evil)
Bura Suno (Hear Evil)
So what next to do?
I believe-
Acha Dekho(See Good)
Acha Bolo (Say Good)
Acha Suno (Hear Good)

I am not in against of Gandhi Ji but I am in against of words said by Gandhi Ji.
Article inspired from a Seminar of “Mr. Sandeep Mahewswari”.

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