How to get 1000 Facebook Likes


Many of my Friends are asking me “How to get 1000 Or more Likes on Facebook page OR Facebook post.”

So I have decided to write this post.
We all think that it can’t be possible till we don’t have huge number of friends on Facebook.
But you are wrong.
Not a single friend need to get 1000 Likes.
Funny But truth.
Okay here are steps to get 1000 Likes-

Step 1: Go to “”.

Step 2: Click on “Try it Free” OR Registration Button.

Step 3:Fill necessary details and Click On Register Button.

Step 4: Go to your email ID which you have enter in above step and Confirm the registration.

Step 5:Come back to and Login Now with your email ID and Password.

Step 6:Click On Add Site/Page and Select “Facebook Like” OR “Facebook post Like” whatever you want from the drop down list.

Step 7:Fill the details like Title,Country.Facebook page URL, and CPC. Enter CPC, higher the CPC more the chances of getting faster likes. Recommended (5-6)

*CPC=CPC is Cost (points) Per Click for your Site/Page – min=2 and max=10

Step 8:You can copy your Facebook URL from address bar it is something like–

Step 9:Now click on save changes.

Step 10:Now you are ready to get Facebook like on your page.But now you need to earn points.

The best way to earn points is to watch Youtube Videos.
Click on the Youtube View button of left sidebar.
Click on view Video. A pop Up is open and after 30 seconds it automatically close and you get the Points.
And after watching 20 videos of 30 Seconds than you may click on “Free Daily Bonus” to get 150 points of daily active bonus.
There are many others things by which you can simple earn points but I like “Youtube Views” because it is easy and fast to get more points.

Don’t go too fast.100 Likes per day is sufficient for Facebook page.
If you go fast and try to get 1000 likes per day ,No doubt you can even get 1 lakh also but there is a chances of getting “Facebook page” disabled by Facebook.

“We are not responsible for any wrong with you. Do at your own Risk”



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