Components of Intelligence Storage System


Today we are going to discuss Components of Intelligence Storage System
1)What are the Components of Intelligence Storage System-
2)Front End
3)Back End
4)Cache Memory
5)Physical Disks.

Host- Computer Systems are called as Hosts.
Front End-Front End provides the interface between the Storage system and the Host or Computer System.
It consists of the two components-
1)Front End Ports 2) Front End Controllers

Front End Ports-It helps host to connect with the intelligence storage system.

Front End Controllers-It controls the data coming from the cache via the Internal Data bus.Whenever there is Write data operation performed in the cache memory than Front End Controllers sends an acknowledgment message to the host.

Back End-Back end provides the interface between the Cache Memory and the Physical disks.
It also have two components-
1)Back End ports 2)Back End Controllers

Back End Ports-Back end ports controls the data transfer between the Cache and the physical disks.
Back End controller-Back end controller communicates with the disks when there is Read/Write operation and also it provide temporary limited data storage.

Cache Memory-Cache is a semiconductor memory present in the Processor where the data is placed temporary for the fastest access when there is a I/O request from the host.

Cache Mirroring-
In the cache mirroring we create a mirror image of data or duplicate image of data is created which is associated with the overhead.

Cache Vaulting-
Generally various storage vendors uses the set of some physical disks to dump or copy the content of cache memory so that when power failure occurs so data is written back to cache memory from these disks.

Physical Disks-
Physical disks as name suggest disks which stores the data and they are connected to the back end with Fiber channel Interface.


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