IBPS Clerk CWE IV 2014 13th December 2014 GK Questions

IBPS Clerk CWE IV 2014 13th December 2014 GK Questions, General Awareness Questions and Computer Awareness questions can be obtained here.IBPS Clerk CWE 2014 Questions asked on 13th December 2014 (Saturday) are available to check.IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Clerk 13th December 2014 questions asked analysis can be check here.Hence candidates who have appeared for exam today on 13/12/2014 can check with their answers. Candidates who are going to give their exam in coming days are cautioned to prepare very well for IBPS Clerk 2014 upcoming examination.

Name of the Bank: IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection)

Name of the Job Position: Clerical Cadre (CWE-IV)

Important Dates:

Date of IBPS Clerk CWE IV 2014 Exam: 13th December 2014

IBPS Clerk 13th December 2014 Questions Asked:

Q).Seema Poonia is related to ______ Sports?

Ans: Discus Throw

Q).What is the full form of NAV?

Ans: NAV – Net Asset Value

Q).Air Force Day is observed on?

Ans: October 8th

Q).Which of the following is the constituency of “Nitin Gadkari”?

Ans: Nagpur

Q).The Headquarter of UNDP?

Ans: New York

Q).Who is the “Science and Technology” Minister?

Ans: Harsh Vardhan

Q).The Currency of Brazil ____

Ans: Real

Q).What is the Capital of Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Riyadh

Q).What is the full form of IPO?

Ans: IPO – Initial Public Offering

Q).Use of KYC Know Your Customer is?

Ans: KYC is basically used for “Anti Money Laundering”

Q).”Richard Flanagan” belongs to ____ Country?

Ans: Australia

Q).An Email Called “Verge” is provided by ____ Company?

Ans: IBM

Q).Which of the following options is to be used to go to the first line of the page?

Ans: Ctrl + Home

Q).MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) is?

Ans: It is a Command based Operating System

Q).____ is the option to go to the end of the page?

Ans: Ctrl + End

Q).Full form of PDF?

Ans: PDF – Portable Document Format

Q).Which among the following is an Operating System (OS) ?

Ans: Windows 8

Q).Full Form of ECS?

Ans: ECS – Electronic Clearing System

Q).What is the full form of BIOS?

Ans: BIOS – Basic Input Output System

Q).Full Form of GIGO?

Ans: GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out

Q).Vadodara has been declared by Gujarat Government as?

Ans: State Cultural Capital

Q).The Theme of SAARC Summit 2014 is?

Ans: Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity

Q).Which of the countries topped in the Asian Games medals tally?

Ans: China

Q).____ won Nobel Prize in literature 2014?

Ans: Patrick Modiano

Q).Tintu Luka is related to ____ Sport?

Ans: Athletics

Q).Kabaddi Team (Woman’s) got ___ medal in 17th Asian Games?

Ans: Gold Medal

Q).The Interest on Saving Account is given on?

Ans: Daily Basis

The above questions were provided based on Memory. Hence candidates are advised to take these questions to get just an Idea of what is what and kind of questions asked in IBPS Clerk CWE IV 2014 Examination.

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