Class Full Routing and Class Less Routing

Today we are going to discuss some Important Networking terms-

Computer Network-
Computer network is may be defined as interconnection of two or more computers OR Interconnections of two or more LAN networks by which we can share OR transfer the data among connected Computers.

Routing provides a path to the packets which are transfer in the network OR Selecting a path in a network that have low traffic so that data packet can transfer at higher rate.

 Class Full Routing-
In the class full routing you can’t change the subnet mask.
OR in other words it does not provide the Subnet mask information.
So if you are using IP like 192.168.x.x than you need to select same subnet mask across all the networks I.e.

So you can’t use two different subnet mask in a Network if you are using Class Full Routing.

 Class Less Routing-
It sends the subnet mask info in the network within the routing updates.
By using class less routing we can easily split up the Class C network into multiple subnets. We have 126 usable subnets ports in our network.

Let we have a IP and we are using class less routing and by class less routing we can split our network even more than that of 254 usable ports.The first network is from to and second network is starts from to and we can use same subnet mask for both the networks I.e.
Remember the first address of subnet mask is used for Multi-casting and last one is used for broadcasting purpose.So we can’t use these two addresses in subnet mask.
By using Classless routing we can increase the usage or Space of Ipv4 protocol.

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