Digital Communication hand written Notes Download Baddi University

Digital Communication hand written Notes Download Baddi University

Unit I

Analog to Digital Conversion: Noisy communication channels, the sampling theorem, low pass signals and band pass signals, pulse amplitude modulation, channels bandwidth for a PAM signal. Pulse amplitude modulation, sampling, signal recovery an holding, Quantization of signal, Quantization error, pulse code modulation (PCM), Delta modulation, adaptive data modulation.

Unit II
Digital Modulation Techniques: Binary Phase shift keying, Differential Phase shift keying, Differential encoded PSK, quadrature PSK, Quadrature Amplitude shift keying (QSK) Binary frequency shift keying.

Data Transmission: A baseband signal receiver, probability of error, the optimum filter, white noise- the matched filter, probability of error of the matched filter, coherent reception: correlation, correlation receiver for Q.PSK.

Noise in Pulse Code and Delta Modulation system: PCM transmission, Calculation of Quantization noise, the O/P signal power, the effect of thermal noise, O/P signal to noise ratio in PCM, Delta modulation, Quantization noise in Delta modulation, the O/P signal to quantization noise ratio in delta modulation, O/P signal to noise ratio in delta modulation.


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Digital Communication hand written Notes Download Here

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