RIP (Routing Information Protocol) and RIP Timers


RIP-Routing Information protocol
RIP comes under the Distance Vector Routing Protocol.
RIP basically provides the information about the routers.
RIP updates the information every 30 seconds and it can only provide information up to 15 hop counts.If there is 16th hop count than it is consider as the infinite distance OR route is unreachable.

RIP Timers-
Update Timer
Invalid Timer
Flush Timer
Holddown Timer

Defaults Values for these timers are:
Update: 30
Invalid: 180
Hold Down: 180
Flush: 240

RIP Timer

Update Timer-
Update timer controls the interval between two continuous response message. The Default value is 30sec.

Invalid Timer-
It specifies the how long a routing information entry can be in the routing information table without being updated.The default value is 180 and when reached hop count set to 16 and gives a message that Route is unreachable.

Flush Timer-
According to Wikipedia “This timer controls the time between the route is invalidated or marked as unreachable and removal of entry from the routing table.” The default value is 240.

Hold Down Timer-
It start when the hop count value is changed from lower value to upper value.And Route can be stabilized in this interval.The default value is 180.

You can change these value manually.
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