what is cloud computing in simple terms 2016

What is cloud computing in simple terms. Today we are going to discuss about cloud computing in simple terms. Have you have think to buy a service instead of a product. If yes then you already know what is cloud computing in simple terms.

You may also know about cloud architecture.  In simple terms cloud architecture refers to the computers and other hardware components which are requires for cloud computing. Without these component cloud computing cant be possible. Cloud computing in simple terms may be defined as taking the services from the manufacture instead of buying the whole product.

In technical terms it may be defined as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and to process data, rather than on a local server or a personal computer.

What is a cloud ?

So if you are thinking cloud are simpler clouds than you are wrong. Actually cloud in cloud computing is defined as the metaphor which is used to define the Internet computing. As we know in order to have successful cloud computing architecture we need to required a Network in which cloud computing can be done. So this is the cloud computing in simple terms.

What is Computing ?

One can easily understand the meaning of computing which is to compute something. So if you want to understand cloud computing in simple terms than you must know the meaning of these two words.

How cloud computing works ?

The very basic goal of cloud computing is to provide the excellent service and to fulfill the requirement of traditional computing. In Cloud computing we can done trillion of computations per second. So our main goal to do trillion or even more computations in 1 second which is further helpful for research and for armies.

In order to make this possible cloud computing have large numbers of servers which do the work. In cloud computing all servers which called as nodes are connected to each other virtually.  The one more goal of cloud computing is to provide online games , to provide data storage and in simple terms to provide the best customer service experience.

So we have understand what is cloud computing in simple terms. And also the real meaning of cloud and cloud computing.  There are two more terms or topics which we will cover in our next articles virtualization and cloud computing and cloud computing security issues Virtualization and cloud computing are related with each other and you will get to know about these terms later in our next articles. Also there are some cloud computing security issues present in the cloud computing. We will discuss all these in our coming articles.

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