Cloud computing facts and solutions in 2016


Today we are going to discuss about cloud computing facts and solutions which are going to available in the year of 2016. First fact about the cloud computing is manufacture is not going to provide actual product to you instead of they will provide a particular service which is cheaper in the cost to the actual product. So this will lead to in customer benefit. Customer  can buy a proper and complete service instead of buying the whole product. Like if you are using only Excel in whole MS office product.

Then you need to give price of only Excel service not for the whole package of MS office which is quite expensive for someone who have just mean to only Excel Service as he is not using the other services.  This is what cloud computing is and many are taking in wrong way but by the above example it is crystal clear what cloud computing. There are two other terms Hadoop and Big Data. You may see our other articles in order to get information about them.

Top Facts about cloud computing.

  • By 2020 Cloud computing going to cross mark of 270$ billion.
  • Over 70% of American companies plan to increase cloud budgets in 2016.
  • 94% of managers say their business security has improved a lot after taking cloud applications.
  • 75% of businesses report that service availability improved a lot after moving to the cloud.
  • For every 1000 smartphones or 500 tablets a new server is added to the cloud.
  • By 2016 36% of all data is expected to be stored in the cloud.  Up from 7% in 2013.
  • 90% of Microsoft’s Research & Development  budget is going to used in order to improve cloud technology and security services in 2016.
  • 67% of IT professionals use cloud services and applications by the year of 2015.
  • 64% of companies have reduced  their waste and lowered energy consumption after moving to the cloud.
  • 52% of corporate reported  increased data efficiency after using cloud services.
  • 47% of corporate said they witness lower operating costs after adopting to the cloud adoptions.

So these are the top facts about cloud computing and about cloud services. No doubt Cloud computing is the future solution in computer science and in IT field. More than 60% companies are using cloud computing and cloud services to give benefit to their users and to take benefit from the cloud for the company.  By the year of 2020 we will cross 270$ billion mark in the industry of cloud computing. Now you can think how big is cloud computing and cloud services.

Users are taking more interest in cloud computing rather than in traditional computing. This is just estimate but many of IT professionals are saying by the year of 2025 we will cross 300$ million mark because this field is growing very fast. There are many cloud computing advantages and disadvantages. You may see our related articles of cloud computing to get more information about the cloud computing and the cloud services.


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