Statistical Methods Full hand Written Notes Download Baddi University

Today we are with the hand written notes of Statistical Methods specially for the Baddi University students.

What we have covered-

UNIT-I                                                                                                        Introduction: Theory of probability, probability concepts, random experiment and events, Mathematical Notion, probability function, law of addition of probability, extension of general law of addition of probabilities, multiplication law of probability and conditional probability, extension of multiplication law of probability, probability of occurrence of n independent events, independent events, conditions for mutual independence of n events, Bayes theorem.

UNIT-II                                                                                                      Random Variables and Distribution Functions: Random variable, distribution function, discrete random variable, probability mass function, discrete distribution function, continuous random variable, probability density function, various measures of central tendency, dispersion, skewness and kurtosis for continuous distribution, continuous distribution function.

You need to have Adobe Reader in open to these files. You can download adobe reader easily from the adobe website.

Statistical Methods Full hand written Notes Download Here

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