Compiler Design Full Hand Written Notes Download Baddi University

Compiler Design Full Hand Written Notes Download Baddi University.

Today we are with the hand written notes of Compiler Design specially for the Baddi University students.

What we have covered.–

Introduction: Assembler, linker, Loader, Preprocessors, Compiler and Translators, Structure of Compiler, Different Phases of Compiler, Bookkeeping, Error Handling, Compiler Writing Tools, Bootstrapping.

Lexical Analysis: Role of Lexical Analyser, Design of Lexical Analyser, Language for  Specifying Lexical analyzer, Implementation of lexical Analyser.

UNIT-II                                                                                                      Syntax Analysis: Context-free Grammars, Derivation and Parse trees.

Basic Parsing Techniques: Parsers, Shift Reduce Parsing, Operator Precedence Parsing, Top-down Parsing, Predictive Parsers.

Automatic Construction of Efficient Parsers: LR Parsers, Canonical collection of LR (0) items, Constructing SLR parsing tables, Constructing canonical LR Parsing tables, Constructing LALR Parsing tables, Automatic Parser generators, Implementation of LR parsing tables.

Download Here:
Compiler Design Full Hand Written Notes Download Here

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