SSC Multitasking staff 2014 Answer Key 16/02/2014

On 16/02/2014 number  of candidates had written SSC Multitasking 2014 examinations at various centers across the country.Most of the aspirants eagerly waiting for the Answer key.We released primary key,in which candidates can access both questions and answers accordingly with out any difficulty.Candidates can check the form number 020 LH 3 answer key of SSC Multitasking Staff 2014.

SSC 2014

Number of Questions Given : 150 Marks

Duration of the Examination: 2 Hours

Written Test Pattern :

–> General Intelligence & Reasoning – 25 Q

–> Numerical Aptitude – 25 Q

–> General English – 50 Q

–> General Awareness – 50 Q

Question Paper : (SSC Multitasking 2014)

1). Teacher:School :: Doctor: ??








5).Odd Man Out ; July,August,September,October




7).Odd Man Out; 50-100,56-114,78-156,69-138


8).Meaningful ascending order; Elephant,Cow,Amoeba,Ant






11).Word Can not be formed from the word COMMANDER from given options


12).In a certain code GEOGRAPHY is written as YHPARGOEG,then how GEORGIAN can be written in that code?


13).Select the Correct Combination of Mathematical signs to replace * signs and to balance the following equation: 16*4*5*9

Ans: /+=

14).Some equations are solved on the basis of a certain system.Find the correct answer for the unsolved equation on that basis:

1*3*5 = 531 , 2*7*9 = 972 , 4*6*8 = ???

Ans: 864

15).Rajeev is walking towards south.He turns left Twice and then turns Right.Which direction is he facing now?

Ans: East

16).Statements: All beads are Pencils.

                         No Pencils are Balls.

     Conclusions: I.No beads are balls.

                          II.All Pencils are beads.

Ans: Only I follows

17).Six friends M,N,O,P,Q and R are standing in a circle.’N’ is between ‘O’ and ‘P’. ‘M’ is between ‘O’ and ‘Q’. And ‘R’ is standing adjacent to ‘P’. Who is between ‘M’ and ‘R’ ?

Ans: Q

18).Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among classes given below:



19).Question Figure:


20).Question Figure:


21).Question Figure: Paper is folder like wise


22).Mirror is Placed the line shown in figure,

Question Figure:


23).Identify the set for the word CATS

Question Figures:

0 1 2 3 4
0 A B C D E
1 D B C A E
2 E A B C D
3 C A B D E
4 E C A B D
5 6 7 8 9
5 P Q R S T
6 T P Q R S
7 P R S T Q
8 Q P R S T
9 T Q P R S

Ans: 30,13,65,88

24).The value of Sqrt(√49 + Cube root of (3 + cube root 125)) =

Ans: 3

25).The least number to be subtracted from 4218  so that the resulting number when divided by 13,17 and 19 will leave in each case the same remainder 10 is

Ans: 9

26).If 5 men or 9 women can finish a piece of work in 19 days , 3 men and 6 women will do the same work in

Ans: 15 days

27).If the perimeters of an Equilateral triangle and that of a square are equal,then the ratio of their areas will be

Ans: 4:3√3

28) The difference between the areas of two circles, one circumscribing and another inscribed in a square is 77 Area of the square is,(Take π =22/7)

Ans: 49

29).A Trade man marks his goods at 25% above the cost price.If he allows his customer 10%discount how much percent profit does he make ?

Ans: 12.5%

30).The single discount equivalent to Two successive discount of 20% and 5% is

Ans: 24%

31).A’s money is ⅔ of B’s money and B’s money is 9/11 of C’s money, then the ratio of A’s money to C’s money is

Ans: 6:11

32). A Photograph of size 18cm X 12cm is enlarged, so that its new length becomes 27cms.The Breadth of the enlarged photograph will be

Ans: 18cms

33).What number must be added to each of 4,10,12,24,so that the resulting numbers are in proportion?

Ans: 4

34). Out of 6 members,Average of the first five numbers is 20 and the average of last five numbers is 24. If the last number is 36, then the first number is

Ans: 16

35).The Average of 30 results is 20 and the average of other 20 results is 30.What is the average of all the results ?

Ans: 24

36).A person buys an article for Rs.120/- and sells at Rs.150/.Find Gain%

Ans: 25%

37).An Article is sold for Rs.a/- at a profit of b%.The cost price of the article is

Ans: (100a) / (100+b)

38).A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price.But uses a false weight of 800 grams instead of 1KG.His profit % is,

Ans: 25

39).Mallika Purchase some pigeons.10% died.Of the remaining,25% flew away.Now 27 pigeons remain.How many pigeons had Mallika purchased?


40).Two trains of length 150m, and 250m run on parallel lines.When they run in the same direction,it will take 20 Sec to cross each other,and when they travel in opposite direction it will take 5 Sec.Then speed of the two trains are,

Ans: 108 Kmph and 180 Kmph

41)Rs.1000/- becomes Rs.1200/- in two years at a certain rate of simple interest.If the rate of interest is increased by 4%,What amount will Rs.1000/- become in 3 years ?

Ans: Rs.1,420/-

42).A Sum of money amounts to Rs.8,400/- in two years and it amounts to Rs.12,600/ in 8 years at the same rate of simple Interest.Rate of Interest per annum is ?

Ans: 10%

43).If the income from transport is Rs.150 crores,then the income from exports is ? (From figure given)

Ans: 525 crores

44).How 1080 workers travel from their home to the Factory where they work.The number of workers who travel by bus is(From Pie chart figure)

Ans: 360

45).Synonym:  Futile

Ans: Useless

46).Synonym;  Disgust

Ans: Loathing

47).Synonym;  Enmity

Ans: Hostility

48).Antonym; Weary


49).Antonym;  Abolish

Ans: Establish

@ Idiom/Phrases

50).Raining cats and dogs

Ans: Heavily

51).to be in Hot water

Ans: to be in trouble

52).Wet Blanket

Ans: Kill-Joy

53).A Doctor who treats children and infants

Ans: Pediatrician

54).One who has no money

Ans: Pauper

55).A tank in which fish are kept is called an

Ans: Aquarium

56).One who looks on the bright side of things

Ans: Optimist

57). A Published collection of poems Or other pieces of Writing

Ans: Anthology

@ Correctly Spelt words



60).Ans: Entrepreneur

61).Ans: Tranquility

62).Ans: Nightingale

63).Ans: Maintenance

64).SDR’s stands for

Ans: Special Drawing Rights

65).The reserve bank was nationalized on

Ans: 1st January,1949

66).Who among the following was the founder of “ All India Harijan Sangh “ to promote the welfare of the Untouchables?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

67)Gandhian concept of Satyagraha is based on

Ans: Truth and Nonviolence

68).The Place where Navy openly revolted in 1946 against British rule in India is at

Ans: Bombay

69) In which of the following years the second battle of panipat was fought?

Ans: 1556

70).Who was the Indian who fought against Alexander The Great?

Ans:King Porus

71).Who was the last Mughal Emperor?

Ans: Bahadur Shah

72).What was the Minister of Aryan king called?


73).The Famous Gol Gumbaz is in the district of

Ans: Bijapur

74).Living organisms mostly use

Ans: Biotic Energy

75).The Largest Industry in India is

Ans:Textiles Industry

76).The Most densely populated Continent in the world is


77).” Tharu “ tribes are found in

Ans: Tarai region

78).Kyat is currency of

Ans: Myanmar

79).The Main excretory organ of insects are

Ans: Malpighian tubules

80).One of the given is known as man of forest

Ans: Orang-outang

81).Cobra emits venom through


82).Definition of force comes from Newton’s

Ans: Second Law of Motion

83).A Liquid drop attains spherical shape due to

Ans: Surface tension

84).Waves which do not require any material medium for it’s propagation is

Ans:Electromagnetic waves

85).The Process of emission of electrons from metal by UV rays is

Ans: Photoelectric emission

86).The ‘Enter’ key on a keyboard is also known as

Ans: Return key

87).The decimal equivalent of the binary number 1011 is

Ans: 11

88).The network established by the U.S Department of Defense,is


89).A Solution of Washing soda in water is

Ans: Alkaline

90).Which of the following metals is a liquid

Ans: Hg

91).Bleaching action of Sulphur dioxide is due to

Ans: Reduction

92).National Biodiversity Authority is located at

Ans: Chennai

93).Which one of the following place is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone

Ans: Amritsar

94).The abbreviation ‘OPCW’ stands for

Ans: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

95).The first sportsperson to have honour of “Bharat Ratna” is

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar

96).”LGBT” Stands for

Ans: Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,and Transgender

97).The party which did not support recently passed Lokpal Bill-2013 in Lok Sabha is

Ans: SP(Samajwadi Party)

98).”Bharat-Ratna” Awardee of Foreign nationality died in December,2013 is

Ans: Nelson Mandela

99).Which of the following types of teeth is used for grinding food

Ans: Molar

100).Which one is correctly matched

Ans: Kusinagar – Buddha’s death place

101).Who was called the “Shakespeare of India” ?

Ans: Kalidasa

102).The Mauryan King who built the Sanchi Stupa was

Ans: Ashoka

103).The Tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in April 1919 occurred at

Ans: Amritsar

104).Who among the following saints of Bhakti Movement hailed from Navadweep(Bengal) ?

Ans: Chaitanya prabhu

105).Sagar Introduced Mohan as nephew of the only brother-in-law of his grandmother’s only son.How is sagar related to Mohan?


106).Select the missing number from the given responses

4   8   20

9   3   15

6   6   ?

Ans: 18

107).A contractor undertakes to construct a road in 25 days and engages 28 workers.After 18 days he finds that only 2/3 of the work is done.How many more workers he should now engage in order to finish the work in time?

Ans: 8

108).A dealer of saree sold two types of sarees viz A&B.On A type of sarees he announced 20% discount and on B type of sarees he announced 15% discount.If a Person bought A type of saree at Rs.640/- and B type of saree at Rs.170/-,What was the actual total cost of the two sarees?

Ans: Rs.1000/-

109).In an Election,there are two candidates only.The one who gets 63% of votes is elected by a majority of 650 votes.Find the number of votes polled to the candidate who lost the election.

Ans: 2500

110).A train leaves P for Q; at the same time another train leave Q for P.The trains meet after 6 hours,the train from P to Q having traveled 8 km per hour more than the other.If the distance from P to Q is 528 km,the speed of train from P to Q in km/hour is

Ans: 48

111).I tried/my best to convince him/but failed/No error

Ans: No error

112).Being very late,Manoj/could not return back/from meerut last night/No error

Ans: could not return back

113).Ahmed was proud for/his achievements/in the field of sports/No error

Ans: Ahmed was proud for

114).Please send/this parcel at/my new address/No error

Ans: this parcel at

115).He,You and I/will solve/this problem together/No error

Ans: He,You and I

116).He is/a honourable/man/No error

Ans: a honourable

117).The statement made by the writer/appears to be incorrect/as Dr.Zakir Hussain was not born in Allahabad/No error

Ans: appears to be incorrect

118).A brave man should/always be loyal for/his own country/No error

Ans: always be loyal for

119).He entered/the room/from the window/No error

Ans: from the window

120).Please give me two/dozen’s banana and/a piece of account/No error

Ans: dozen’s banana and

121).The children shouted ______the top of their voices

Ans: for

122).I Prefer chess _______carrom

Ans: to

123).John was later blamed _____the accident

Ans: for

124).The exam ____at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Ans: begins

125).If I had known it was your birthday,I____baked a cake

Ans: would have

126).Let us not fight ____petty problems

Ans: over

127).My sister along with her two children ____arrived

Ans: has

128).You have no_____to order me

Ans: authority

129).The theif _____with the ornaments

Ans: made off

130).The Manager gave his_____to the proposal

Ans: consent

131).Antonym:  Economical

Ans: Extravagant

132).It was she,not,me, who put forth the attractive proposition

Ans: she,not I

133).The Closer I approached the valley,so more dense became the vegetation

Ans: the more dense became the vegetation

134).He had not even seen her presence in the same room

Ans: registered

135).He is on the brink of financial ruin

Ans: No improvement

136).Prohibition is better than cure

Ans: Prevention

Passage Question and Answers

137).What can lead to big changes ?

Ans: Small improvements

138).What can bring about a change in the appearance of a room?

Ans: A few flowers

139).What gave the engineer a great feeling of achievement ?

Ans: Being able to dig wells

140).Which of the following statements is true?

Ans: Every human being is more creative and more productive than the earthworm

141).What does the author want to convey?

Ans: If only men were to work unitedly,a lot of things could be achieved

142).Which one of the following is called ‘Green Gold’ ?

Ans: None of these

143).”Land includes forces which nature supplies as a free gift.”The above definition of land is given by

Ans: A.Marshall

144).The linking of representatives in the Lok Sabha to Population was decided in

Ans: 1971

145).Unlike subjecthood,citizenship rests on

Ans: Law

146).What is the name of the lowest criminal court of India?

Ans: District Magistrate’s Courts

147).The gas essential for protein synthesis is

Ans: N2

148).Phosphorus is an essential constituent of

Ans: Nucleic acids

149).Kerosene usually contains mixture of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers

Ans:C12 to C16

150).Birds in modern poultry farms are reared so as to

Ans: avoid infighting of birds

Note: Candidates are requested to check the form number and questions along with the Answers.

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