SSC CHSL 9th November 2014 Question Paper Answer Key


SSC CHSL 9th November 2014 Question Paper Answer Key, held on Sunday Question Paper along with the Answer key is provided below.Candidates who appeared for CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) exam on 09th November 2014 can check their Answer key here.SSC CHSL 2014 Exams were held on two days 02nd November 2014 and 09th November 2014.Hence candidates who appeared for SSC CHSL 2014 exam can check SSC CHSL 9th November 2014 Question Paper Answer Key here.

Name of the Organization: Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

Name of the Exam: SSC CHSL 2014

SSC CHSL General Awareness 09th November 2014 Questions:

1).The president of World Bank is?

Ans: Jim Yong Kim

2).Tulsidas Wrote Ramcharitmanas in the reign of?

Ans: Akbar

3).Grammy Award is given in the field of ?

Ans: Music

4).The first woman to get the Bharat Ratna Award is ?

Ans: Indira Gandhi

5).Karl Marx Wrote?

Ans: Das Kapital

6).The religious text of the Jews is named as?

Ans: Torah

7).Meghdoot was written by?

Ans: Kalidasa

8).Who among the following is a famous English Writer?

Ans: Mulk Raj Anand

9).Which of the following is not an economic problem?

Ans: Deciding between different ways of spending leisure time

10).Which of the following occurs when labour productivity rises?

Ans: The labour demand curve shifts to the right

11).Which of the following is consumer Semi-durable goods?

Ans: Food grains and other food products

12).Which of the following statements is correct?

Ans: Economic rent is the difference between the market wage and the reservation wage

13).Other things being equal, a decrease in quantity demanded of a commodity can be caused by ?

Ans: A rise in the price of the commodity

14).Who admits a new state to the union of India?

Ans: Parliament

15).In which year was the States reorganized on a linguistic basis?

Ans: 1956

16).Who has got the power to create All India Services?

Ans: The Parliament

17).Which one of the following is the most lasting contribution of the Rashtrakutas ?

Ans: Pampa, Ponne, Ranna, the three writers of Kannada Poetry and Kailasa Temple

18).Ravikirti, a Jain, who composed the Aihole Prashasti, was patronized by?

Ans: Pulakeshi II

19).The “Mein Kampf” was written by?

Ans: Hitler

20).When did the reign of Delhi Sultanate came to an end?

Ans: 1526 A.D

21).In the Provisional Parliament of India, how many members were there?

Ans: 313

22).It was decided to observe Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday October 2 as the International Nonviolence Day at?

Ans: Satyagraha Centenary Conference

23).ISRO’s Master Control Facility is in

Ans: Karnataka

24).India is the largest producer and exporter of?

Ans: Tea

25).The soils which are rich in Calcium are known as?

Ans: Pedocals

26).Cultivable land is defined as

Ans: Total fallow lands _ net sown area

27).From which part of Opium plant we get morphine?

Ans: Fruit Coat

28).Which of the following is a Biological method of soil conservation?

Ans: Contour Farming

29).Glucose is a type of?

Ans: Hexose Sugar

30).Number of Mitochondria in bacterial cell is?

Ans: Zero

31).The Original founder of the Manuscripts and Editor of Kautilya’s Arthashastra was?

Ans: R.Shamasastry

32).Which of the following is the largest Biosphere Reserves of India?

Ans: Sundarbans

33).Rainbow is formed due to?

Ans: Refraction and Dispersion

34).Golden view of sea shell is due to?

Ans: Polarization

35).An Object covers distance which is directly proportional to the square of the time. Its acceleration is

Ans: Constant

36).If the horizontal range of a projectile is four times its maximum height, the angle of projection is?

Ans: 45 degrees

37).Which place is called as “Silicon Valley” of India?

Ans: Bangalore

38).Telnet stands for

Ans: Telephone Network

39).Which of the following metals has least melting Point?

Ans: Mercury

40).The gas produced in marshy places due to decomposition of vegetation is?

Ans: Methane

41).In Cactus, the spines are the modified

Ans: Leaves

42).The Smallest Known prokaryotic organism is?

Ans: Mycoplasma

43).With what bioregion is the term “Steppe” associated?

Ans: Grasslands

44).About how much of the world’s land area is tropical rainforest?

Ans: 7 %

45).According to your text, what can “be thoughts of as the genetic library that keeps life going on Earth”?

Ans: Biodiversity

46).The world’s growing appetite for what food product is a leading cause of tropical deforestation?

Ans: Beef

47).”Life Divine” is a book written by

Ans: Shri Aurobindo

48).The Oscar Award was won 36 times by

Ans: Walt Disney

49).The Boiling point of water decreased at higher altitudes is due to

Ans: Low Atmospheric pressure

50).The Chemical name of “Hypo” commonly used in Photography is?

Ans: Sodium Thiosulphate



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