SBI Associate Bank PO 30th November 2014 GK Questions


SBI Associate Bank PO 30th November 2014 GK Questions, Exam is being held from many weeks.Lakhs of candidates have already appeared for SBI PO Associate Bank 2014 Exam. And Still there tough competitors to give their exam on 30th November 2014 in coming days. So we have been provided SBI Associate PO Answer Key 2014 and Questions asked in SBI PO Associate Banks 2014 online exam based on memory. Interested candidates are requested to check SBI Associate Bank PO 30th November 2014 GK questions, Marketing Questions below.

Name of the Bank: SBI (State Bank of India) Associates

No. Of Vacancies: 2986 vacancies

SBI Associate Bank PO Participating Banks 2014:

1).State Bank of Hyderabad

2).State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur

3).State Bank of Mysore

4).State Bank of Patiala

5).State Bank of Travancore

SBI Associate Bank PO Review 2014 on 30th November 2014:

Q).What is the full form of PDA?

Ans: PDA – Personal Digital Assistance

Q).Tehri  Dam located in ____ ?

Ans: Uttarakhand state

Q).The Overdraft Facility in “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana” overdraft facility of _____ ?

Ans: Rs.5000/-

Q).What is the Short cut key to go to last line in the page or document?

Ans: Ctrl + End

Q).NEFT Limit to Nepal is?

Ans: Rs.50, 000/-

Q).What is the full form of CAR?

Ans: CAR – Capital Adequacy Ratio

Q).The Sizes of memory in ascending order is?

Q).The Pension Bima yojana “Varsitha” monitored by?

Ans: Life Insurance Corporation of India

Q).Who is the Grand Old man of India?

Ans: Dada Bhai Nairoji

Q).There was a question on “Call Money”

Q).MPESA is related to?

Ans: Vodafone

Q).There was one question on “Sansad Adarsh Yojana” ?

Q).What is the full form of URL?

Ans: URL – Uniform Resource Locator

Q).What is the full form of UNHRC?

Ans: UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Council

Q).There was one question on “Rupay Card”

Q).What is the Shortcut of BOLD in MS Word?

Ans: Ctrl + B

Q).State Bank of India and MasterCard launch?

Ans: Multi Currency Travel Card

Q).Question on correct early names of country’s ?

Ans: Mesopotamia (Philistia)


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