Memu Saitham Cricket with Stars won Akhils Team 30/11/2014


Memu Saitham Cricket with Stars won Akhils Team 30/11/2014, Memu Saitham is a great theme organized by film industry to collect Relief fund for Hudhud Cyclone that was hit Visakhapatnam 1 month ago (2nd week of October 2014).Cyclone Hudhud storm was very severe hit Visakhapatnam (A region of Northern Andhra Pradesh).Interested people who are looking forward to know more details can go through the following points given below which we would like to share you.

Student Study Hub Participation: We are very proud to say that being a part of this Memu Saitham Event indirectly (letting you people know about what is Memu Saitam Actually is and requesting you people to help victims of Hudhud Cyclone )

Memu Saitham Even Theme: Memu Saitham – We love Vizag

Memu Saitham Aim: This event was focussed mainly to raise the funds for rebuilding our New Vizag.

Memu Saitham Profit Goes to: The entire relief fund that is collected from Memu Saitham even will reach AP Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

Games Played in Memu Saitham Event:

To say there were so many activities, games, Song Medley by Singers; Balakrishna performed on stage with fire new voice and entertained people in his own style.


There were two teams in Kabaddi game played in Memu Saitham event.

1).Black Tigers

2).Red Panthers

Winner: Red Panthers

Runner Up: Black Tigers

Cricket with movie stars:

There were 4 teams led by 4 captains, namely Nagarjuna, Junior NTR, Ram Charan Tej and Venkatesh.

1).Junior NTRs Team – Blue Jersey

2).Venkatesh’s Team – Navy Blue Jersey

3).Ram Charan Teja’s Team – Yellow Jersey

4).Nagarjuna’s Team – Orange Jersey

1st Match: NTR Team Vs Nagarjuna (Akhils Team)

Winner: NTR Team

Runner: Akhils Team

2nd Match: Venkatesh’s Team Vs Ram Charan Teja’s Team

Winner: Venkatesh’s Team

Runner: Ram Charan Teja’s Team


Akhils Team Vs Venkatesh’s Team

Winner: Akhil’s Team

Runner: Venkatesh’s Team

(Memu Saitham Cricket with Stars won Akhils Team 30/11/2014)

Important Note:

We all know that “Manava Seve Madhava Seva”

So we are requesting people who are interested to give their funds for HUDHUD VICTIMS of Visakhapatnam. People can contact the following numbers if you want to help victims of Hudhud Cyclone that was hit Northern Andhra Pradesh.

Note: We strongly believe this Quote “Never Get Tired of Doing LITTLE THINGS for OTHERS. Sometimes THOSE little THINGS Occupy “The Biggest part of their Hearts”” and hoping you too believe the same.

Wanna do Help for Hudhud Victims:

Kindly call up on the following numbers to give your funds as much as you can.

1).Mutyala Satyanarayana: Ph.No – 9550936000

2).Rudraraju Kiran Varma: Ph.No – 9581223888

3).Chintalapudi Ramakrishna: Ph.No – 9390937333

4).Sayyed Rafic: Ph.No – 9393769166

Our hearty thanks to People who take part in this “Funding” Event, May God Bless You All

Click here for MEMU SAITHAM Details


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