Positive Thoughts Vs Negative Thoughts

Hello Friends,

Today I am writing this post because today one of my friend told me to be positive in life if I want to do something in life.

But I really disagree with him and said, that I can’t control my thoughts in my mind.Then he said we can easily control our thoughts by doing meditation.I am hearing a single-single word he said to me.Then I said to him that still, I do not agree with you. Then he said some words “Tera kuch ni ho skta”.
I laughed and gave a small smile. After that, we have a lecture on Theory of Automata which is a good subject and interested one. We don’t have the mood of studying and we want to waste our 1 hour than we request our teacher to do meditation in this class.Actually, our teacher is a member of “Art of Living” CEO MR. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. Our Teacher got crazy and he said okay okay let’s do As he is a big fan of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar thank god, not of AasaRam Bapu.

We do meditation of nearly 15-20 minutes then he said now we have positive energy and we can do anything we want.

Again I disagree with my sir and want to say something but I control my feelings and decided to talk on this topic after the class.But I didn’t get time to talk with him. And after the class, my friend ask me “Ab to believe ho gaya”.

I said, he was only a teacher, not god.
And again I disagree with all these things.
Now you are thinking why I disagree with these things.
Even we all know yoga and meditation have a major effect on our lives.

“According to me by doing Meditation we feel just relaxed not more than that”.
It is just like Allopathic medicine which gives temporary relief.

And it is scientifically proven that we get above 70,000 thoughts in our mind in 1 day.
We get a new thought in our mind in every 1.2 seconds.

So “Can you control your 70,000 thoughts.”
Scientifically the answer is No.

In 70,000 thoughts most of them are negative.
We see lots of accidents in our life even we saw at least 1 in a week.

First feeling come in our mind when we saw a very damaged car in an accident that “Yr khin mar to ni gya hoga vo”.
Why you not thinking that “Yr car ko to bht lagi e bt bnda to bach h gaya hoga”.


Because you can’t control your thoughts.
So now what next?
If you want to control your thoughts then go in the Himalayas take a vanvas from your family and live alone.

But I know this can’t be possible.
So what to do?
Just make a belief in your mind that “Jo Hota e Vo ache ke Lie Hota Hai”.
Forget everything.
No positive and No negative.
There is no need of thinking these wasteful things.

Just make a belief that “Jo hota e vo ache k lie hota hai”.
And whenever you face worse things than “There will be a sound coming from your soul that Don’t worry “Jo hota hai vo ache k lie hota hai”.
I don’t know how many of you are agree with me. But I have a belief which helps me a lot to overcome from any type of depression or Problem.

So I have written this article to share my experience.

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