Agile Methodology For Software Development


Many of my friends are confused with Agile methodology so I have decided to write an Article on Agile Methodology.

Agile Methodology-
Agile Methodology is basically a new method over the traditional Software Development Life models.
We are using Iterative,Waterfall and Coco-mo models to make the software but now time is changed we need to come with some new buzz.
I personally visited Infosys Chandigarh and they said now there is very less software development work in Infosys,They are just maintaining there old software they have made and they are now concentrating on Agile model because it have a lot of positive effects over traditional models.
According to Wikipedia-
Agile Methodology can be defined as- It is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
IT helps teams and team members to respond to unpredictability through the incremental and iterative work which are known as Sprints.
Agile concept comes In 1970, Dr. Winston Royce who is presented a paper entitled “Managing the Development of Large Software Systems”.
He said I am against the traditional models and developers who gather all the Project requirements first and than make an architecture and a design and last they code the software.So in this method there is huge chances of misconception between customer and developer because there is no interaction of developer with customer and feedback is taken in the last and delivery time is also very long say- 1 year sometimes up to 3-4 years also.

Many companies are emphasizes on Scrum because it is the best way to implement the Agile model.
The main objective of Scrum is proper and time to time feedback with team manageability and giving a proper tested product to customer.

Team Members-
Generally there are 8-10 team member in the Agile development methodology depending upon the product and from it there is 1-2 members which are in regular touch with the customer.
The biggest thing is that there is No need of SRS in the Agile model.The main reason behind it that from 100 customers 99 customers don’t know what are there needs? What type of software they want. So there is a lot of chance of misconceptions in the SRS but now in Agile model customer give feedback in every phase to make the product perfect.

Agile Includes-
1)Customer Satisfaction.
2)Always ready to change even at last moment.
3)Self Organizing teams.
5)Face to Face communication is best type of communication.
6)Daily interaction with customer and developer.
7)Regular adaption.
8)Working software delivered in weeks(Maximum 1 month)
9)Continuous attention to technical excellence and design.
10)Delivered a perfect product to customer.

1)Customer Satisfaction.
2)Fast delivery time.
3)Face to face conversations which is best method of communications.
4)Always changes are welcome.
5)Regular adaption of changing circumstances.

1)Agile model not concentrate on documentation and SRS.
2)In case of large softwares it is difficult to estimate the Man Power.
3)There is no place for Newbie Programmers as only seniors can take the decisions.




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