Overview and Introduction to Computer System


Overview and Introduction To computer system
A computer is an electronic device that is used for information processing.  The word computer means compute i.e. calculate. The computer is made up of combination of electronic and electromechanical components it takes raw data and processes it into usable format.

 Characteristics of computer.

1) High speed – it execute millions of instruction per second which can be in terms of micro second.(10^-6) neno second (10^-9) and Pico second  (10^-12): it can perform million of instruction in a few second, the amount of work that a human being can take up to 1 year.
Computer System
(2)Accuracy– it gives accurate results for correct input data. Here accuracy means correctness processed data. If the input data erroneous then the out will not be correct known as (GIGO).

(3) Reliability– it gives consistent result even though it is running an electrical connection and electronic circuit which are often drawn to error.

(4) Versatility – Computer plays different rolls in different environment. It is used for scientific calculation business processing, computer games, teaching simulation, music etc.

(5) Diligence– A computer does not feels tired. It can be used for hours and hour’s .it can also be used for a no. of days or months even non-stop. It will work satisfactory without fatigue.

(6)Storage– A computer is also a storing device. It can store a large amount of data. Computer uses hard disk to store the data. We can store the data permanently data on the hard disk.

Disadvantage of computers-

(1)Zero I-Q level– A computer has no IQ level i.e. it can perform the task in the order in which the instruction are said. It can not decided on it own the order of work to be done.

(2)No feeling- Computer does not have heart and soul because they are machine. Computer can’t make judgement based on feeling emotion or taste.


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