Morphing (Metamorphosis) ,Its Techniques and Applications


Morphing is the Process of converting of an Image to another Image. The Term “Morphing” comes from the word “Metamorphosis”. The Meaning of Metamorphosis is basically a Great Change. Using Motion pictures and adding some animations to already existed image, we can create a new Image. Generally Morphing is used to illustrate one person to another person.Morphing techniques and process are provided below.


Morphing process:

i).Morphing is basically done by matching image shapes with color interpolations.

ii).Morphing cannot be done directly one image to another image within one step. So its takes gradual steps.

iii).There are two kinds of Images in MORPHING process. They are

A).Source Image (Very first Object)

B).Destination Image (Very last Image)

iv).So Morphing process goes in several steps by applying steps gradually

v).For the first process, the Source image is gradually distorted and ultimately this Source Image gets vanished as we are looking for the target Image (Destination Image)

vi).Kindly observe the following figure carefully. If you have observed the objects from left side are similar to the Left most Image. And likewise the objects from right side are similar to the Rightmost Image. (As distortion is taking place)


Morphing Methodologies:

Generally Morphing Techniques are classified in to Two Kinds. They are,

i).Feature Based Methods (In this method, the feature of Image is specified by set of points or as a line segments)

ii).Mesh Based Methods (In this method, the features of Image is specified by a non Uniform mesh)

Morphing Mappings:

Morphing Mappings are broadly classified in to Two Categories.

i).Forward Mapping:

In this Mapping, first it gets scanned through the Source image pixel by pixel

And then it copies the same to correct position in the final (Destination) image

ii).Reverse Mapping:

In this mapping, it starts from the and gets scanned through the Destination image pixel by pixel

So it tests the correct pixel from the Source (First Image)

Morphing Applications:

Electronic book illustrations

Education field

Computer Training centers


Animation Industry (Mostly Used)

Medical Field

Entertainment Industry

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