IBPS PO 1st November 2014 General Awareness Questions


IBPS PO 1st November 2014 General Awareness Questions, were provided here. As lakh of candidates have been writing this IBPS PO exam since last month, as usual we are providing IBPS PO General Awareness Questions of exam held on 01st November 2014.Candidates can check the following questions with their questions attempted. The same questions will be useful to the candidates who are going to appear in the coming dates. Candidates who appeared for IBPS PO Exam on 1st November 2014 can check their General Awareness Questions here.

Name of the Exam: IBPS PO 2014 (Probationary Officer) 

General Awareness Questions:

1).Who is the founder of Wipro?

Ans: Ajim Premji

2).What is the full form of PIO?

Ans: Person of Indian Origin

3).What is the currency of Germany?

Ans: Euro

4).Modi has addressed _____ Session of UN General Assembly?

Ans: 69th

5).The border between countries India and China is called?

Ans: Macmohan Line

6).Hum Hain na is the tagline of ____ bank?

Ans: ICICI bank

7).How many gold’s India won in Asian Games 2014?

Ans: 11

8).What is the Full form of RIDF?

Ans: Rural Infrastructure Development Fund

9).What is the full form of NRLM?

Ans: National Rural Livelihood Mission

10).The headquarters of Prathma Bank?

Ans: Moradabad

11).What is the full form of NPS?

Ans: National Pension Scheme

12).Who is the author of the book “My years with Rajiv and Sonia”?

Ans: R D Pradhan

13).What does K stands for in KCC?

Ans: Kisan (Kisan Credit Card)

14).Who is the Sanjay Leele Bhansali ?

Ans: Bollywood Director

15).HDFC Erdo is ___ type of Company?

Ans: General Insurance Company

16).____ counties participated in FIFA World Cup 2014?

Ans: 32

17).SBI MINOR ACC for Children above 10 years is?

Ans: Pehli Udan

18).What is the full form of GUI?

Ans: Graphical User Interface

19).The Headquarters of FAO situated in?


20).Women and Child development minister?

Ans: Menaka Gandhi

21).____ bank has the largest number of mobile application users?

Ans: SBI State Bank of India

22).What is the full form of DOS?

Ans: Disk Operating System

23).Who discovered Penicillin?

Ans: Alexander Fleming

24).There is a question on Clean Note policy and RBI star series?


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