Computer Graphics ,Uses and its Applications

What is Computer Graphics?

i).Computer Graphics name itself says that making Graphics (Visual presentations of data) using computer, and displayed on the Output device (monitor) of a computer.

ii).Using Computer Graphics one can notice Group of Images (or) Image (or) videos on Computer Monitor screens

iii).Using Computer Graphics  we can create, Operate and Store various geometric objects and its images

iv).As the name Computer Graphics saying that all about drawings, movies, Photos and more. So entire CG is not associate with any “Text” or “Sound”

v).CG is the sub part of “Compute Science” which studies about manipulating visual content, Synthesizing digitally

Computer Graphics

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Classification of Computer Graphics:

CG is basically classified in to following various types. They are

I).2D Graphics:

2D Graphics “Two Dimensional” graphics which again classified in to two parts. In this kind, we use only tools like lines, shapes it’s joining to create object.

i).Vector Graphics:

These type of Graphics mainly use “Lines and Shapes” and text to make images or even complex images

Vector Graphics may use some programs such as Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator for making computer games

ii).Raster Graphics:

These Graphics generally use “Pixels” to make images. Advantageous part of this type of graphics is that, about its tools. So it has various tools like Paint buckets, erasers and paintbrushes. Using these tools we can create Images very effectively

Raster Graphics often use some programs like Corel Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop

II).3D Graphics

3D Graphics “Three Dimensional” graphics which has parameters like Height, Length and Depth. As this consists of various parameters, ultimate resulting image looks like objects.


Applications of 3D Graphics are TV Shows, Video Games, movie we watch often.

The Programs used to make 3D Graphics are Maya, Blender, 3D Studio Max, Bryce and more

Uses of Computer Graphics:

There are several uses of CG which are very useful in the current scenario. Some of its uses include,

A).Computer program Development

B).Making movies

C).Video Games (Ex: Platformers, Role-playing games, sidescrollers, first person shooters)

D).Catalogs designing

E).Creating Commercial Arts

F).Scientific Modelling (Ex: Weather Forecasts, Meteorological data)

Applications of Computer Graphics:

Computer Graphics are very useful to create any object effectively using Graphics application.

A).Video Games:

These games requires human interaction with the User Interface for making nice visual result on the Video Device


B).Education Field:

In the learning process, acquiring knowledge and skills required for better career path CG is needed. So Computer generated models in economic, financial and physical systems are often used.

We regularly love to have computerized model to understand any topic easily. Equipments, Physiological systems, physical systems are coded using CG


C).Computer Aided Design (CAD):

Most of engineering and Architecture students are concerned with Design.CAD is used to design various structures such as Computers, Aircrafts, Building, in almost all kinds of Industries (where designing is necessary)

After making a full diagram, we can even see its animation (Operation and working of a Product)

D).Computer Arts:

If we are intelligent enough we can rock by making creative arts using these Graphics tools. For making these arts we generally use CAD packages, paint and Paint brush programs and in animation too

Computer Arts Examples include Logo design (for companies, college, Industries, Institutions), Cartoon drawing, Product advertisements and many


Using CG graphics reproduction or duplicating already existing thing will be done. For Instance, if we go for the Flight simulators, these computer generated images are very much needed for training pilots to understand easily (learning standard methods)


When we talk about Entertainment, immediately movies and games get in to picture.CG are mostly used in music videos, motion pictures, cartoon animation films. For finding out tricks to be used in Games, for its interactivity we often use CG

G).Image Processing: (Medical)

In Medical field, concerning Image Processing CG is used to various technologies to interpret already existing pictures and is useful to modify Photographs and TV scans. Basically CG is used to improve the picture quality, and visualizing effects. Some of its applications include,


ii).Ultrasonic medical scanners

iii).Picture enhancements

H).User Interfaces (Graphical User Interfaces)

CG is effectively used to make Menus, Icons (Graphical Symbols),to make window manager(multiple windows).And Some of the Graphic packages includes PHIGS,Graphics Kernel System,Painting,drawing.


Other Applications:

i).Scientific and Business Visualization

ii).Graphic Presentation

iii).Graphic Design

iv).Web Designing

v).Computational Physics

vi).Information Visualization

vii).Display of Information

viii).Information Architecture

ix).Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Animation, Statistics

x).Desktop Publishing

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