AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014 held on 25th May,2014

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AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014 held on 25th May, 2014 (02:00 PM to 04:00 PM).Many candidates have appeared for Postal Assistants Exam 2014 today on 25th May, 2014.As per the review made by many candidates, the paper was found easy. We know that many candidates are eagerly waiting for AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014.We are providing AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014.We are providing Answer Key for students understanding purpose only. However, the Original AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014 released on 29th June,2014 by India Post (Department of Posts).We provided the same AP Postal Assistants Answer Key Primary Key.

 AP Postal Assistants Answer Key 2014

Name of the Exam: Postal Assistants and Sorting Assistants Exam

Important Dates:

Date of conduct of Postal Assistants Exam: 25th May, 2014

Duration of Exam: 02 hours (02:00 PM to 04:00 PM)

Primary Key Will released by India Post: On 29th June,2014 

Exam Pattern:

Total No. Of Sections: 04

Total Marks: 100 M

A).General Awareness – 25 M

B).Mathematical Aptitude – 25 M

C).General English – 25 M

D).Reasoning – 25 M

* – No Negative Marking

Part – A (General Knowledge)

1).In terms of Area, India is the ____________ largest country of the World

Ans: Seventh

2).When did Humayun first attack Chunar Fort ____________

Ans: AD 1533

3).The Total Number of Judges of the International Court of Justice is ____________

Ans: 15

4).The Largest Standing Army of the Sultanate, directly paid by the State was created by ____________

Ans: AlauddinKhilji

5).The Academy Award is also known as ____________

Ans: Oscar Award

6).Which one of following the is not a Plantation Crop __________

A).Tea             B).Coffee        C).Rubber      D).Sugarcane

Ans: Sugarcane

7).Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of ____________

Ans: Rajiv Gandhi

8).The Oldest Coal-field in India is ___________

Ans: Raniganj

9).Who is the Author of the book “We Indians” ___________

Ans: Khushwant Singh

10).”World Food Day” is celebrated on __________

Ans: October 16th

11).Jawaharlal Nehru Award is given for ____________

Ans: International Understanding

12).What is the Term applied to Evolution of vegetation, so that it becomes increasingly adopted to its environment __________

Ans: Organic evolution

13).15th August, is the Independence day of India and ___________

Ans: South Korea

14).The Term “Butterfly Stroke” is associated with ___________

Ans: Swimming

15).The North Pole of the Earth’s magnet is near the geographical ___________

Ans: North

16).Which of the Following gas do not considered as Polluting agent of Air ___________

A).CO2           B).CO             C).NO2                       D).SO2

Ans: NO2

17).Which of the Following pairs is not correctly matched

A).Kalinga Award: Popularization of Science

B).David Cohen Award: Literature

C).Borlaug: Agriculture

D).Pulitzer Prize: Progress in religion

Ans: Pulitzer Prize: Progress in religion

18).A Computer Portable and easy to carry by travellers is ____________

Ans: Laptop

19).The Ozone layer absorbs ___________

Ans: Ultraviolet Rays

20).Mouse Technique used for access in Properties of any Object is _____________

Ans: Right Clicking

21).What is URL?

Ans: It is a specific character straight that constitutes a reference to an Internet Resource

22).Which of these keys is not on the “Number Keypad” ___________

A).Ctrl             B).Del             C).Enter          D).Num Lock

Ans: Ctrl

23).What was the pen name of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaye __________

Ans: Anila Devi

24).Where do you find the Clock and Calendar in/on your computer ____________

Ans: Task bar

25).Where did India Play its 01st ODI match ____________

Ans: Headingley

Part-B (Numerical)

26).A sum of Rs.600/- amounts to Rs.720/- in 4 years. What will amount to if the Rate of Simple Interest increased by 2% __________

Ans: Rs.768/-

27).A Shopkeeper sells eggs at 20 per rupee gaining 30%.How many eggs did he buy for rupee ____________

Ans: 26

28).The Average age of 40 students of a class is 15 years. When 10 new students are admitted, the average age is increased by 0.2 years. The average age of new students is ____________

Ans: 16 years

29).Find the Value of Sqrt (535.9225) ___________

Ans: 23.15

30).A tradesman marks his goods at 30% above the CP.And allows purchasers a discount of 15% for cash. What profit Percentage does he make __________

Ans: 10.5%

31).Solve [(999+588)2-(999-588)2 ]/(999*588) _____________

Ans: 4

32).30% of A = 20% of B.Then Find value of A: B _____________

Ans: 2:3

33).Find the value of 1/[1+1/{1+1 /(1+1 /2)}] = ___________

Ans: 5/8

34).A and B can complete a piece of work in 8 days. While B and C together can do it in 12 days. All the three together can complete the work in 6 days. In how much time will A and C together complete the work ___________

Ans: 8 days

35).At what rate per annum, will the simple Interest on a certain sum of money be 1/5th of the amount in 10 years _________

Ans: 2%

36).Moving 6/7th of its usual speed.A train is 10 minutes late. Find its usual time to cover the journey ____________

Ans: 60 minutes

37).The Difference between Simple and Compound Interest on a sum of Rs.2000/- for 3 years at 20% p.a. (per annum) will be ____________

Ans: Rs.256/-

38).Find the value of 587*999 ____________

Ans: 586413

39).Average of 10 numbers is 7.If every number is multiplied by 12 what will be the average of New numbers ____________

Ans: 84

40).How is ½ % is expressed as Decimal fraction ____________

Ans: 0.005

41).Find the value of 23*15-60+?/31 = 292

Ans: 217 (Let? = x, Find value of x)

42).Find the value of 783/9/0.75 = _________

Ans: 116

43).In the Forest there are 15% lions out of 600 animals. Find the number of Lions _____________

Ans: 90

44).Find the value of [(0.07*0.07*0.07)-(0.05*0.05*0.05)]/[0.07*0.07 + 0.07*0.05 + 0.05*0.05] _____________

Ans: 0.02 (From formula, answer is a-b = 0.07-0.05)

45).In the given figure, line 1|| line 2.And Angle A = 65 degrees, angle C = ___________


Ans: 115 degrees (Figure shown below) 

46).Find the value of [2707/Sqrt(x)] = 27.07

Ans: x = 10000

47).6 boys can complete a piece of work in 16 hr.In how many hours will 8 boys complete the same work? ____________

Ans: 12

48).At what percent annual compound interest rate, a certain sum amounts to its 27 times in 3 year? _________

Ans: 200%

49).A man riding his bicycle covers 150 meters in 25 seconds. What is his speed in km per hour? _______

Ans: 21.6 km/hr

50).The speeds of three cars are in the ratio of 2:3:4.Find the ratio between the times taken by these cars to cover the same distance. ______________

Ans: 6:4:3

Part – 3 (English)

 51).In the following question identify the correct sentence/s

I).One easy answer is water colour painting

II).The gentle movement of a brush has a relaxing, de-stressing effect which has also been noted in activities such as calligraphy

III).Whilst the mix of colours and there application energises parts of the brain which would normally get scanned stimulation

IV).Couple this to mix this a visual/tactile experience as your painting emerges and presto!

Ans: I and II

52).Analogies for:

Glass: Shard::

A).Wood: Splinter      B).Rock: Stone                       C).Soil: Earth              D).Wood: Tree

Ans: Rock: Stone

53).Choose the Suitable Option that describes the meaning of the words or phrases printed in italics in the following sentences:

She was in a “brown study” and did not notice my entrance

A).reverie        B).fear                        C).dream         D).sleep

Ans: reverie

54).Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunction:

I _______ my second boat, when I was 26.

A).bought        B).buyed        C).bort            D).bied

Ans: bought

55).Fill in the blank with appropriate given option:

The Bible is _______ Ancient book of Christians

A).a        B).an           C).the              D).that

Ans: the

56).Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunction

I wish I ___________ more, when I was at University

A).had studied                        B).would have studied                       C).would study                       D).studied

Ans: had studied

57).On the basis of the given sentence picks out the correct sentence converted in Future Continuous Tense from the given options:

I have missed a good chance

A).I will miss a good chance              B).I will have missed a good chance

C).I will be missing a good chance     D).I will be missed a good chance

Ans: I will be missing a good chance

58).Antonym for:


A).alter            B).separate          C).malady              D).apprise

Ans: apprise

59).Choose the most suitable preposition:

I differ ______ you

A).from           B).of          C).with         D).for

Ans: with

60).Find the synonym of:


A).Level          B).Expanse         C).Grade      D).Standing

Ans: Expanse

61).Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is (D).

My uncle frequently goes to abroad (A)/on business (B)/by air(C)/No error (D)

Ans: My uncle frequently goes to abroad

62).Analogies for:


A).Sofa: furniture       B).fan: air         C).door: look                         D).chimney: smoke

Ans: chimney: smoke

63).Choose the most suitable preposition:

Since he is ill, he is confined ________ bed

A).in                B).on               C).to                D).of

Ans: to

64).Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is (D).

Rana Pratap was (A)/blind with (B)/one eye(C)/No error (D)

Ans: blind with

65).Choose the option that describes the meaning of the following idioms and phrases:

To keep one’s temper:

A).to become angry    B).to be in a good mood         C).to preserve one’s energy      D).none of these

Ans: to preserve one’s energy

66).Antonym for:


A).intrepid        B).craven         C).vacillate              D).oscillate

Ans: craven

67).Antonym for:


A).extract          B).distract      C).delay       D).defend

Ans: delay

68).Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is (D).

The Indian Force (A)/drove away (B)/the Chinese(C)/No error (D)

Ans: The Indian Force

69).In the following question identify the correct sentence/s

I).I really think he overstayed his case, and lost a lot of sympathy

II).The plane’s undercarriage failed to open and it crashed

III).A detailed list of the participants in the seminar is given overleaf

IV).Rajendra has a very overbearing personality

Ans: IV only

70).Fill in the blank with appropriate given option:

Who are ________ people that are standing there in the street?

A).a                 B).an               C).the              D).that

Ans: the

71).On the basis of the given sentence picks out the correct sentence converted in Interrogative from the given options:

The Children are playing

A).The Children shall be playing        B).Have the children to play?

C).Children the will be playing?         D).Are the Children playing?

Ans: Are the Children playing?

72).Find the Synonym of:


A).Obligation              B).Rights           C).Freedom              D).Democracy

Ans: Freedom

73).Find the Synonym of:


A).Discover              B).Invent             C).Determine                       D).Fix

Ans: Determine

74).Find out the error part of the following sentence:

The Culprits of (A)/the bomb explosion have (B)/not yet(C)/been discovered (D)

Ans: not yet

75).Find out the error part of the following sentence:

She was so (A)/emotional stable that (B)/she was not moved(C)/by their decision to suspend her (D)

Ans: emotional stable that

Part – 4 (Reasoning)

76).Pointing to a boy in photograph Akhil says, “He is the son of my mother’s only son’s son”. How is Akhil related to that boy?

A).Uncle                     B).Brother                   C).Father                     D).Cousin

Ans: Father

77).In the following question four words are given, out of which three are same in one way or the other and the forth one is different from the other three. Select the odd one.

A).Snapshot                B).Diagram                 C).Sketch                    D).Painting

Ans: Snapshot

78).In the following question, which one of the alternative figures will complete the given figure pattern?

(Figure of Square, triangle and lines)

Ans: C option (look in the question paper which you appeared for figure)

79).A worker may claim Rs.15 for each km which he travels by taxi and Rs.5 for each km which he drives his own car. If in one week he claimed Rs.500 for travelling 80 km, how many km did he travel by taxi?

Ans: 10

80).How many 5’s are there in the following sequence which are immediately preceded by an even number as well as immediately followed by an odd number?


A).3                 B).2                 C).4                 D).None of these

Ans: None of these (Answer is 1 number)

81).10 years ago, chandravathi’s mother was 4 times older than her daughter. After 10 years, the mother will be twice older than the daughter. The Present age of Chandravati is:

A).5 years        B).10 years      C).20 years      D).30 years

Ans: 20 years

82).In the following question three out of four alternatives contain letters of the alphabet placed in a particular form. Find the one that does not belong to the group.

A).EHG          B).JML            C).PSR            D).UYX

Ans: UYX

83).Choose the correct mirror image from the alternatives (A),(B),(C) and (D) of the figure given.

(Arrow, dot, and Semi circle figure)

Ans: A

84).Vijayan started walking towards south. After walking 15m,he turned to the left and walked 15m.He again turned to his left and walked 15m.How far is he from his original position and in which direction ?

A).15m, North                        B).15m,south              C).30m,East                D).None of these

Ans: None of these (Answer is 15m, East)

85).Rama travels a distance of 5km from a place ‘A’ towards North, turns left and walks 3 km,again turns right and walks 2 km and finally turns right and walks 3 km to reach the place ‘B’.What is the distance between ‘A’ and ‘B’ ?

A).7 km           B).13km          C).2 km           D).10km

Ans: 7 km

86).In the following question, which one of four Answer figures on the right should come after the problem figures on the left, if the sentence is to continue?

(Figure of c, square, and arrows)

Ans: B

87).Arrange the words in a meaningful order and then select the appropriate sequence from the alternatives provided below.

1. Punishment                         2.Prison           3.Arrest           4.Crime           5.Judgment

A).5,1,2,3,4                 B).4,3,5,2,1                 C).4,3,5,1,2                 D).2,3,1,4,5

Ans: 4, 3,5,1,2

88).If in a code language MADRAS is coded as NZEQBR, then CALCUTTA will be coded as __________



89).In the following question four words are given, out of which three are same in one way or the other and the forth one is different from the other three. Select the odd one.

A).Sun             B).Moon          C).Venus         D).Earth

Ans: Moon

90).In the following question one term in the number series is wrong. Find out the wrong term.

11, 42, 39,164,525,421,749

A).164             B).421             C).525             D).749

Ans: 421

91).Choose the correct mirror image from the alternatives (A),(B),(C) and (D) of the figure given on left side.

(Figure of wave like lines, arrow, circle)

Ans: C

92).In the following question, which one of the alternative figures will complete the given figure pattern?

(Square figure consists of triangle, lines)

Ans: C

93).Find out the missing number in the following

?  13 49

9 17 69

13 11 59

A).9                 B).5                 C).10               D).21

Ans: 5

94).In the following question, which one of the four Answer figures on the right should come after the Problem figures on the left, if the sequence is to continue?

(Figure of lines, and arc)

Ans: D

95).In the following question, select the correct option of the question asked.

Which letter will come on the blank surface?

(Cube figure)

A).C                B).A                C).D                D).E

Ans: D (C option)

96).In the following question, four positions of the same dies have been shown. See these figures and select the number opposite to the number as asked in this question.

Which symbol will come opposite to symbol “Square”?

(Figure of cubes consisting of symbols =,/, X…)

A).O                B). =                C).X                D).Delta Symbol

Ans: = (equal to)

97).In a certain code, INSTITUTION is written as NOITUTITSNI.How is PERFECTION written in that code?



98).Find out the missing number in the following

(Figure consists of numbers in circle, and square)

A).33               B).145             C).135             D).18

Ans: 135

99).Arrange the words in a meaningful logical order and then select the appropriate sequence from the alternatives provided below.

1. Family         2.Community              3.Member                4.Locality           5.Country

A).3,1,2,4,5       B).3,1,2,5,4       C).3,1,4,2,5           D).3,1,4,5,2

Ans: 3, 1,2,4,5

100).In the following question one number is missing in the series. You have to understand the pattern of the series and then insert the missing number

2… 8,16,32,64,128,256

A).2                 B).3                 C).5                 D).4

Ans: 4

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    1.glass shard- wood splinter is correct


    glass shard is sharp piece of glass
    where as wood splinter is sharp piece of wood.

    2.detect synonym is -discover
    3.range synonym is – level or grade but not expanse
    4.i differ from you is correct

    explanation :if any issue or argument .we use differ with.

    5.to keep one’s temper means -to be in a good mood.
    explanation:controlling one self that is antonym of lose one’s temper.

    so the nearly meaning is to be in a good mood.

    these are the faults or mistakes i find with this key in english only.

    please if any one argue with these please comment this.

  2. Hemanth Reddy Reply

    q87)crime arest judgement….prison….punish …..is corect..i think so.. reply..

    • Rahul Reply

      There is an ambiguity in choosing Correct answer for Q.87.
      Before sending Convict to prison,the Court officials give him Punishment in terms of (allotting him under case Section 421…or like wise).
      So In that context, the correct answer would be
      Crime,Arrest,Judgement,Punish and Prison.
      Any how,final key will be released by India Post officials will be uploaded on the same page around 20th June,2014.

  3. Hemanth Reddy Reply

    is one question can have two answers in original key?…any posibility….in english synonym of detect have two options..

    • Rahul Reply

      Yes…Some times there will be a possibility of having two answers for same question but very rarely.Original Key is the Key based on Officials Perspective who declare Answer key.So we shall see their perspective of setting answer key which will be releasing soon.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Hello friends im getting 68-70..im OC….any chances??

    • Rahul Reply

      There is a Sectional Cut off in each section.As you are OC Candidate you must have secured 10M in each section.And The selection for the 2nd round will be purely based on Merit.Let us see,as we do not know the highest mark for your Postal region.Hope for the best..

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for your Information rahul….i got 10+ in each section.

  6. jyothi Reply

    im getting 24 in gk 20-22 in english and 25 each in numericals and reasoning..but i applied only for vijayawada. my chances sir??

    • Rahul Reply

      Dear Jyothi,
      Once check answer key which will be released soon by officials on http://www.pasadrexam2014.in.
      Based on marks which you obtained,sure you can find positive chance.But you might have applied for various options too such as Guntur,Kadapa,Nellore,Tenali and some other more places which have no.of posts likely high.But we shall wait and see,as far as your marks (merit) are concerned we hope you will be allowed to get in to second round of selection.

  7. Rahul Reply

    AP Postal Assistants 2014 Official Key is Updated.Candidates can check and clear clarifications.

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