AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key held on 27/05/2014


AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key exam held on 27th May,2014 provided below.AP PGECET Exam held on 27th May,2014 for mechanical engineering candidates from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM.As per the review,this year Mechanical engineering  paper was little bit tough compared to the previous year. Many candidates are being waiting for AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key eagerly. We are providing AP PGECET 2014 Answer Key for understanding purpose only. After checking their answers with the corresponding questions answers candidates can come to an estimation of the marks. Kindly go through AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key if required.

AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key

PGECET 2014: Postgraduate Engineering Common Entrance Test

AP PGECET 2014 Results: 17th June,2014 

Discipline: PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key

1).The Steel Widely used for motor car crankshafts is ___________

Ans: Chrome steel

2).Pearlite consists of ___________

Ans: 13% cementite and 87% ferrite

3).In the Austempering process of heat treatment, austenite changes into ___________

Ans: Bainite

4).Babbit metal contains ___________

Ans: 88% tin, 4% copper, and 8% antimony

5).18/8 stainless steel consists of __________

Ans: 18% chromium and 8% nickel

6).Which of the following statements is correct? __________

a).The Product produced by Blast furnace is called cast iron

b).The Pig iron is the name given to the product produced by Cupola

c).The Cast Iron has high tensile strength

d).The Chilled cast iron has no graphite

Ans: The Chilled cast iron has no graphite

7).The presence of hydrogen in steel causes ___________

Ans: Embrittlement

8).In forehand gas welding operation, the angle between the rod and work is kept around __________

Ans: 30 degrees

9).Rankine’s theory of failure is applicable to ____________

Ans: Brittle materials

10).According to Unwin’s formula, the relationship between the diameter of the rivet (d) and thickness of cylinder wall (t) is ___________

Ans: d = 6√t

11).If A= 1/x (Matrix -1 2 2; 2 -1 2; 2 2 -1) is orthogonal, the value of x is __________

Ans: Plus or minus 3

12).If the Matrix A = (5 2; 0 k) is a root of the polynomial f(x) = x2-7x+10, then the value of k is ________

Ans: 2

13. If A = Matrix (1 0; 2 4), then the Eigen values of “4(A Inverse) + 3A+2I” are _______

Ans: 9, 15

14).The System in which the second bin contain the number of units equal to Reorder point, is called __________

Ans: Two bin system

15).Classification of items based on the closing inventory values is called ___________

Ans: XYZ Classification

16).When order quantity increases, the ordering cost will ___________

Ans: increase

17).Fulkerson’s rule is connected with ___________

Ans: numbering the event in PERT/CPM

18).Critical activities are those for which _________

Ans: float = 0

19).Simulation is basically a technique which is used for __________

Ans: Testing Alternatives

20).The value of base variable in the assignment model is __________

Ans: 1 or 2

21).Processing time can be reduced by the addition of ___________

Ans: a co-processor

22).The techniques, which enables the designer to mould and shape, rather than construct an object using a series of lines is ____________

Ans: Solid modelling

23).The display of a volume model that shows all of its edges is called ____________

Ans: wire-frame

24).What ties CAD/CAM work-station together ___________

Ans: Graphics workstation

25).Autocollimator is used for _____________

Ans: Angular measurement

26).The fit on a hole-shaft system is specified as 117-s6.The type of fit is ____________

Ans: thickness of clearance (interference fit)

27).A Sine bar is specified by __________

Ans: the center distance between the two rollers

28).The least count of a vernier caliper having 25 divisions on vernier scale, matching with 24 divisions of main scale (1 main scale div = 0.5 mm) is __________

Ans: 0.02 mm

29).Expressing a dimension as 32.5/32.3 mm is the case of __________

Ans: limiting dimensions

30).High damping reduces the transmissibility if the non-dimensional frequency ratio w/wn (w=forcing frequency, wn = natural frequency) ___________

Ans: is greater than √2

31).Critical or whirling speed is the speed at which the shaft tends to vibrate violently in __________

Ans: Transverse direction

32).Porosity of welded joint is due to _________

Ans: poor base metal

33).In gas welding, flame temperature of the oxyacetylene gas used is ____________

Ans: 3200 degree centigrade

34).In Ultrasonic welding thickness of metal is limited to ______________

Ans: 3 mm

35).In forehand gas welding operation, the angle between the rod and work is kept around _____________

Ans: 30 degrees

36).Oxygen to acetylene ratio in case of carburizing flame is ________

Ans: 0.9:1

37).Plain and butt welds can be used for sheets having thickness approximately __________

Ans: 25 mm

38).Multi spot welding process is ___________

Ans: Projection welding

39).Number of zones of heat generation in spot welding are _____________

Ans: 5

40).Fluidity is greatly influenced by ___________

Ans: pouring temperature

41).The most suitable material for die casting is __________

Ans: cast iron

42).Match plate pattern is used in __________

Ans: machine moulding

43).Sprue in casting refers to ___________

Ans: Vertical passage

44).Blue colour on the pattern is marked for ________

Ans: never used in pattern making operation

45).Investment casting uses pattern made of __________

Ans: wax

46).For drawing operation, the best suited press is ________

Ans: toggle press

47).Stretch forming is the operation ________

Ans: of producing contours in sheet metal end of bearing previously roll formed section

48).The major problem in hot extrusion is __________

Ans: wear and tear of die

49).Seamless tube can be produced by ___________

Ans: piercing

50).In Press operation, the size of the pierced hole is independent of the size of ___________

Ans: punch

51).In drawing operation, the metal flows due to ___________

Ans: plasticity

52).In a framed structure, the force on the member BC is ___________

Ans: 2w/3 (tension)

53).A steel bar of 5 mm diameter is heated from 15 to 40 degree centigrade, and is free to expand. The bar will induce ________

Ans: no stress

54).When a bar is cooled to -5 degree centigrade, it will develop __________

Ans: tensile stress

55).The value of 1 mm of HG is equal to __________

Ans: 133.33 N/m2

56).One kg of ethylene ( ) requires 2 kg of oxygen and produces 22/7 kg of carbon dioxide and ________ kg of water or steam

Ans: 9/7

57).Charles’s law states that all perfect gases change in volume by __________ of its original volume at 0 degree centigrade for every 1 degree centigrade change in temperature, when pressure remains constant

Ans: 1/273 th

58).A cycle consisting of ___________ and two isothermal processes is known as Stirling cycle

Ans: two constant volume

59).A path 1-2-3 is given.A system absorbs 100 KJ as heat and does 60 KJ of work while along the path 1-4-3; it does 20 KJ of work. The heat absorbed during the cycle 1-4-3 ___________

Ans: +60KJ

60).The general gas energy equation is ___________

Ans: dQ=dU + dW

Where, dQ = Heat supplied

dU = Change in Internal energy

dW = Work done on heat units

61).A particle moves along a straight line such that distance (x) traversed in‘t’ seconds is given by x=t2*(t-4), the acceleration of the particle will be given by the equation ________

Ans: 6t-8

62).The force induced in string BC due to load W shown in figure given below is (check your Mechanical question paper for figure) is _______

Ans: W cosec (theta)

63).The length AB of a pipe ABC in which the liquid is flowing has diameter (d1) and is suddenly contracted to diameter (d2) at B which is constant for the length BC.The loss of head due to sudden contraction, assuming coefficient of contraction as 0.62, is __________

Ans: (0.375 v22 )/2g

64).The coefficient of discharge for an external mouthpiece depends upon _________

Ans: length of mouthpiece

65).For shell and tube heat exchanger, with increasing heat transfer area, the purchased cost per unit heat transfer area _____

Ans: Passes through a maxima

66).The dimensionless group in mass transfer that is equivalent to Prandtl number in heat transfer is _____

Ans: Schmidt number

67).Conduction occurs in the buffer zone for a fluid flowing through a heated pipe, only when Prandtl number is _______

Ans: less than 1

68).A beaker containing a liquid is kept inside a big closed jar. If the air inside the jar is continuously pumped out, the pressure in the liquid near the bottom of the liquid will _______

Ans: Decrease

69).The height of a mercury barometer is 75cm at sea level and 50cm at the top of a hill. Ratio of density of mercury to that of air is 104.The height of the hill is _________

Ans: 2.5 km

70).The pressure at the bottom of a tank containing a liquid does not depend on _______

Ans: Area of the bottom surface

71).If pressure at half the depth of a lake is equal to ⅔ pressure at the bottom of the lake, and then what is the depth of the lake? _______

Ans: 20m

72).When the diameter of shaft is doubled; torque transmitting capacity will be increased by _______

Ans: 8 times

73).The moment diagram for a cantilever beam carrying a concentrated load at its free end, will ________

Ans: Triangle

74).The maximum diameter of the hole that can be punched from a plate of maximum shear stress ¼ th of its maximum crushing stress of punch, is equal to (Where t=Thickness of the plate): _________

Ans: 4t

75).A vertical column has two moments of inertia (i.e., Ixx and Iyy).The column will tend to buckle in the direction of the _______

Ans: minimum moment of inertia

76).A semi circular disc rests on a horizontal surface with its top flat surface horizontal and circular portion touching down. The coefficient of friction between semi-circular disc and horizontal surface is µ.This disc is to be pulled by a horizontal force applied at one edge and it always remains horizontal. When the disc is about to start moving, its top horizontal force will __________

Ans: Slant down towards direction of pull 

77).The potential energy of a vertically raised body is ___________ the Kinetic energy of a vertically falling body.

Ans: equal to

78).The value of Stefan-Boltzmann constant in SI unit is __________

Ans: 5.6697 * 10-8 W/m2.K4                

79).The state of an Ideal gas was changed three times at three different temperatures. The diagram represents three different isothermal curves. Which of the following is true about the temperature of the gas _________?

Ans: Q1-2=dU+W1-2

80).The state of an ideal gas was changed three times at three different temperatures. The diagram represents three different isothermal curves. Which of the following is true about the temperature of the gas ______?

Ans: T1˂T2˂T3

81).Three containers filled with 1 kg of each water, ice, and water vapour at the same temperature T=0 degree centigrade. Which of the following is true about the internal energy of the substances _______?

Ans: Uice˂Uwater˂Uvapor

82).A hot object with a temperature T1 is connected to a cool object with a temperature of T2.The object with thermal conductivity ‘k’ is used to conduct heat and has a length ‘L’ with cross-sectional area ‘A’. The rate of heat flow is ________

Ans: kA (T1-T2)/L

83).The state of an ideal gas is changed isothermally from position 1 to position 2 is shown in figure. What is the change in the internal energy of the gas during this process ______?

Ans: ∆U=0

84).An ideal gas undergoes a cyclic process presented by the P-V diagram. Which of the following points has the highest temperature ________?

Ans: D

85).A bimetal plate consists of two materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the top part of the plate is less than the bottom part. If the temperature of the entire plate increases with one of its ends fixed what happens to the plate ________

Ans: Bends up

86).Medium carbon steel contains _________

Ans: 0.3 to 0.5% of carbon

87).Micanite is a form of _________

Ans: Built up mica

88).Copper is completely miscible with ________

Ans: Gold

89).For cutting mild steel, the cutting angle of a chisel should be __________

Ans: 60 degrees

90).Casting defect caused by mixing of two streams of molten metal that are too cold to fuse properly, is __________

Ans: Cold shots

91).The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage elements called _________

Ans: Registers 

Other questions and answers AP PGECET 2014 Mechanical Answer Key exam held on 27th May,2014 will be updated here very shortly 


    • The Questions given in PGECET 2014 exam were little bit tough,compared to last years question paper.How ever,we are tracking for the key for left 28 questions.And PGECET 2014 results are going to be announced on 17th June,2014.

    • Dear Abhilash,

      We are happy to tell you that we have provided Answers for 76% of total bits(120 Q).At the same time we regret to say for We have not provided those remaining 29 bits.We are tracking for 29 bits also.Sure if we get them,we will be the first to intimate (Update) in continuation with remaining bits.

      We are here for giving our utmost service to our aspiring candidates.PGECET Results are going to be declared on 17th June,2014.If you have applied for ONGC Graduate Trainee 2013,kindly download admit card from 06th June,2014.

  1. AP PGECET 2014 Results are going to be declared Tomorrow (i.e., 16th June,2014).Candidates who appeared for exam and eagerly waiting for results are suggested to check their results from 16th June,2014(Monday).

  2. AP PGECET 2014 Results are going to be declared Tomorrow (i.e., 16th June,2014).Candidates who appeared for exam and eagerly waiting for results are suggested to check their results from 16th June,2014(Monday).


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