10 Different Career Options For MBA Graduates

Ten careers options for MBA graduates

MBA is one of the most sought after the educational degree of the 21st century. MBA graduates have ample amount of job opportunity available to them in all the possible industries that exist today. Here are some of the 10 best lucrative job offers available for an MBA graduate:

Digital Marketing: 
A relatively new field that has been rising exponentially in its demand after the onset of digital media, digital marketing is a method of advertising about a brand through the internet or any other digital media. This field is in so much demand that it is being taught to people as a standalone course. The area is diversified into many specific roles like SEO, Affiliates Marketing, and Social Media Marketing and so on. 

Data Analytics: 
Big data are playing the dominant force in providing service to customers. Another upcoming trend is data analytics or data scientists. This job requires the person to handle and crunch big data to yield some valuable information that will help the company to optimise their execution.

Human resource: 
Human resource management is the evergreen section that allows them access to all the industries which exist now and will continue to do so in the future. The job demand is to maintain a stable workforce and handle the environment of employees via benefits, compensation and creating an atmosphere of understanding among workers. They also manage the placement and recruitment of new talent.

Marketing executives: 
The principal horn in selling and pitching the idea of getting a company’s product sold. It includes developing plans, strategies, public relations, event organisation, product development and lot more. 

Financial Analyst: 
The job is at banks, funds or insurance company, at this position the person helps the company in the matter of finance, investment, and resources. The client may involve a single individual or a big company.

ERP consultant: 
It is a job role in IT sectors. It involves the person to handle any business planning and implementation matter carried on over a software package like ERP which is currently being adopted by all the major companies. 

Banking and finance: 
It is another broad role where the candidate is expected to handle the finance and accounts of the enterprise. Some of the activities are security and investment analysis and portfolio management. It opens the door to various companies in finance, insurance, etc.

Information System Management: 
A more of interdisciplinary, this job is more focused towards IT. It involves identifying the latest technology and doing a cost analysis to find the optimum technology that the company should adopt to get the best result.
Hospital Management: 
It is field specific course catered to the healthcare sector. The job involves handling medical equipment cost, managing the services and any other activity financial activity related to health and medicines. 

Another significant chunk of sector grouped under one name, it involves dealing with clients and creating and maintaining new relations to further the cause of the company. 
There are lots of specialisation courses available in various colleges and as online courses. A person can even make a switch from one specialisation to another to suit oneself. In the end, it’s all about selecting the job that suits one’s strength the most.

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