10 Different Career Options After Engineering

10 career options after engineering

Picking up a future profession out of many streams available is a necessity after you complete your college education. Millions of students complete their bachelor’s degree in technical education and get confused what to do in future. With the advancement of the education as well as growing competition, it’s not easy to survive without any clear-cut career path. If you find yourself in such a situation in which you are unsure about what to do next after you complete your engineering, here are some options that might help you out in this situation.

Masters degree- M.Tech
Getting a master’s degree can be a good career option for those who want to go for lectureship or in education line. Thousands of students each year choose to pursue masters in various institutions. The best part is if you qualify the GATE examination, you are entitled to receive a certain amount from the government as a monthly stipend. So you get paid to study. 

Industrial job
Soon after your bachelor’s degree, you can go for any job at an industry level. A bachelor in engineering qualifies for higher posts in industry. Some of the posts are maintenance officer of various departments, managing officer, assistant maintenance officer, etc. all the posts depends on your experience level. You can switch your job or change it according to your comfort. 

Master’s in business administration- MBA
The most widely chosen career option is the MBA. Thousands of students go for CAT entrance every year to get admission into top business schools such as IIM, FMS or XIMB. MBA proves to be stepping stone for those who want better stability and higher posts. After passing out from any of those prestigious institutes you can even get placed in online business platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Google, etc. 

Civil service examination
Civil service exam is an excellent choice if you want to get into Indian government jobs and change for the better. Apply for UPSC entrance exam. Cracking for UPSC will ensure stable government job as well prestigious posts. 

New start-up
Business can be treated as a great option for engineers. It has been seen that trained engineers make great startups. You can take AIB for example. Most of the managingpanel comprises of engineering pass-outs and are doing quite well. 

Teach others
If initially getting a line of work you prefer seems difficult, you can teach young children their subjects to keep to afloat while you can figure something out. Some students have a hobby of teaching while others do it for money. 

What about foreign?
You can apply for jobs in foreign. With good Indian degree, you can get placed at foreign companies especially in the US or Australia. Considering Europe is futile as getting citizenship in their countries is difficult.

Indian army
Many students who have an immense passion for their country choose army exams as their career options. Getting into Indian army is not easy since you have you complete their physical fitness exams and written exams. The training is rigorous as well as challenging.

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You can choose space as your career after engineering. If you qualify physically for the requirements like height, weight, blood pressure, eyesight tests, etc., then you can be an astronaut in no time.

It is another profession where you can get your creativity running. With the right effort at the correct time, you can get great success in this field. Other options include youtube, blogging, etc. 
If you possess the zeal, then you can be anything. It’s important to figure out which career would suit you better.

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