Why Opt For Cloud VPS Hosting 2016? Here Are The Reasons


Whether you own a personal website, a blog or an eCommerce website to sell your products over the Internet, the very first thing required is a website. Getting a website built is not enough, as you need a web hosting company to bring your website online. Web hosting companies have different types of servers and it is very tough for anyone to determine which one is the best. There are three kinds of web hosting and their names are SHARED WEB HOSTING, VPS WEB HOSTING and DEDICATED WEB HOSTING. If you seek an advice from a web hosting company, it will always ask you to go for VPS hosting.

Actually, VPS hosting is between a shared and a dedicated hosting. It is referred to the dedicated section for a website in the shared server. This server has thousands of accounts but each account is parted from the other by the hypervisor technology. Hypervisor technology creates an unbreakable wall between the accounts. This way, the account holder has a kind of control, which is found on the dedicated server. Let us see why choose VPS web hosting for hosting a website.
VPS hosting is easier to handle as it comes with several benefits, which are not available in any other web hosting. Especially, when the web host offers Cloud VPS hosting, the combination is the hardest to defeat. Another factor with Cloud VPS hosting is that the features of dedicated hosting is available to the clients at a much lower cost.

As mentioned above that the VPS web hosting when offered in Cloud operating system becomes a very plausible deal. The reason for this is simple. The benefits of a dedicated web hosting are available in a VPS web hosting along with the added advantages of Cloud operating server. These advantages include security, user details, and a few others. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of opting for Cloud VPS hosting. Here are few of them.

Since Cloud is an open source system, there is no special software, license or permission is required before installation. This feature makes Cloud cheaper and the Cloud VPS hosting becomes very cheap.

A very strong feature of Cloud VPS hosting is that it is always safe from the attacks of Trojans, malware and other harmful agents. This feature also makes it very popular as compared to Windows based web hosting.

If you face troubles installing the Cloud operating system, Cloud gives you the facility to recover the data or get its back up using the given commands. This point also favours Cloud VPS hosting in a great deal.

Increasing the disk space, bandwidth, and RAM is also very convenient in Cloud VPS hosting

With Cloud VPS hosting, the uptime automatically gets better as Cloud is an open source network.

With Cloud, managing the VPS server becomes easier and again the reason is that Cloud is an open source network.

Due to these benefits, Cloud VPS hosting is considered the best for small and medium sized business owners. Also, because VPS hosting comes with a 24/7 technical care support, it has more credibility than a shared or a dedicated web hosting plan.


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