Which is Better : M Pharm or MBA in Pharmaceuticals


After completing B.Pharm, most of the students get confuse whether they should join M.Pharm or MBA.  Both are 2 years integrated course after B.Pharm and have their own scopes. MBA focus on management of P’ceutical Industry and M.Pharm is master degree in Pharmacy field. Any graduate can go for MBA but only Bachelors of Pharmacy can join M.Pharm. M.Pharm is meant for those who want to increase their knowledge in different Pharmacy areas/ practical field. students interested in management field, can go for MBA.

Scope after MBA in Pharmaceutical

Like others, Pharma industry also required Management Gurus for smooth running of industry, effective marketing of products, and survive in cut throat competition. All big and small Pharma companies keep looking for better MBA graduates. And also an MBA can run own Pharmaceutical plant (money does matter here). So if you Believe that u have good managerial skills, go for MBA.  If not for Manager Job, you can also get lecturer post in various management institutes.

Scope after M.Pharm

M.Pharm graduates have wide range of opportunities in industries as well as teaching jobs. They can go for research, clinical executive, Pharmacist, quality analyst, chemist and many more. Food processing industries also need them. You can have salary package more than your expectations. So if you feel yourself perfect for these jobs, go for M.Pharm.

Technical Difference in both streams

M.Pharm focus on development of practical skills and M.Pharm graduate can also manage industries (that’s what MBA does) but a MBA cannot do what an M.Pharm graduate can. So in my point of view, after B.Pharm you should go for M.Pharm, MBA can be done later alongwith job 🙂



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