What is a VPN Software & How to setup a VPN ?


What is a VPN ?
I am using a VPN softwares from last few months. Everyone is asking me why you are spending money on VPN software’s even there is no need of it. Some of thinks that they are used for Free Internet Service. Yes for some Internet providers you can bypass their security holes by using the VPN Software’s and if there is any open port you can use Internet service at zero cost. So now question is that What is a VPN ?

So we can defined VPN as a security software which is generally used for hiding the original identity of user. Have you ever think to hide your identity on Internet ? Are you showing your Real IP address on Internet ? Are you not able to open block sites which are blocked by your Government ?

So its time to solve all these problems with the use of VPN software’s . So now i think you got an idea about What is a VPN ?

Yes they are used for hiding the online identity of users. If you don’t want to show your identity over Internet then you can use VPN Software’s. Simply by using the VPN software’s you can hide your identity and change your IP location over the internet. That means you can virtually change your country location to any other country. Sound magical ? Yes VPN software’s do this thing quite efficiently.  Now the best thing is you can browse any of website even which are blocked by your service providers or by the government. So its quite good for those who are not able to browse those websites which are blocked by their governments.

So we have already talked about what is a VPN ? Now the time to setup it. So how to setup VPN Software.

Its quite easy. You just need to download .exe file from the VPN Service provider website and need to install on your system. After installing the software just log in with your account which you have created while registering on the  VPN service provider website.

You don’t worry about anything. It will ask for Tap 32 Network Adapter driver. You just need to click on the Install button in order to install those network drivers. Remember in order to use VPN software’s you need to open VPN .exe file with the administration privileges. Just you need to right click on the .exe file and need to selected open as Administrator. If you are other than administrator  then you can’t connect to VPN service as VPN software’s requires administrator permissions  to run over the network.  So always run VPN software with the administrator permissions.

So hope so now you got an idea about what is a VPN. And How to setup a VPN software. There are many free but limited edition software available on the internet you can use at zero cost. But always remember paid software are better and works great 🙂




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