Various Input Devices details Mouse, Keyboard & Joystick

Various Input Devices details Mouse, Keyboard & Joystick-

Mouse-Mouse is a pointing device with a roller. It is a device that control the moment of cursor or pointer on a display screen. A mouse is a small object. We can roll along a hard flat surface. Its name is derived from its shape which looks like a mouse. Its connecting wire that one can imagine to be the mouse still, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction as the mouse moves. Mouse contains at least 1 button and maximum of 3 buttons which have different functions depending upon what program is running. Some mouse also include a scroll bill for scrolling through long Documents.

There are many types of Mouse.
1)Mechanical Mouse
2)Automechincal Mouse
3)Optical Mouse
4)Cordless mouse/Wireless Mouse

Limitation of Wireless Mouse-Mouse
You need to buy cells for wireless mouse every month if you use your computer every day or very frequently. So it may cost high to you to use wireless mouse instead of wired mouse. And also loss of content and small rotation can give large error in case of wireless mouse.

Its functions is similar as mouse. It is used to move cursor on the screen. A joystick can move up down right and left while playing games the user needs move certain objects quickly across the screen. A joystick makes it easier as it is provide better control. A joystick consist of small vertical region. A joystick is very helpful to play games. Now days some joystick are mounted on the keyboard so user can take advantage of joystick directly from his keyboard.

Keyboard is also an input device which is used to type Number, Letters and special symbols.
Keyboard is consist of alphanumeric and special symbols. Generally keyboard consist of 103 to 107 keys. We can type both uppercase and lowercase letter through keyboard by using CAPS LOCK or by to using the SHIFT key. Every symbol have its own ASCII value which differentiate it from other keys.

Types of keyboard-
1)Wired keyboard
2)Wireless keyboard

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