Top Reasons Why Facebook Accounts are blocked

  1. You are reported by Too many  FBians with same allegation (spammer, hacker etc)
  2. Sending too much Facebook requests and messages and other one is not accepting/replying. There is a limit and they send you a warning too. Crossing the limit means you are out
  3. Your posts contain copyrighted, offensive, abusive, Disliked material.
  4. Posting links of your websites or any other link too fast in groups and other walls , they may consider you as Robot/Spammer and you will be kicked out automatically.
  5. You are using a fake name. Rahul, Jeff can be your name but they may not accept Tricky master,charming dude, Angel Andrea etc
  6. Too much “Pokes”. I read somewhere in Facebook policy that unlimited poking may lead to ban specially when  “Girls” u are poking do not Poke u back 😉
  7. Tag people in Useless pictures. People may not like those tags and some angry minds may report you. Chances are rare of block but may happen
  8. Liking too many pages on Facebook specially of Hate kind may be harmful for healthy FB account. There is a limit of “Liked” pages in Facebook per day. And limit of Facebook groups to join is 200.
  9. So many friends in account. Facebook is a place where you can meet old friends. U are not suppose to add unknown people. Not long time ago, it was the primary reason for disabling accounts.
  10. Create Facebook account for Human only. You cannot use photo of your Dog, cat, or your Tajmahal  as your Profile pic.
  11. People create more than one account just for fun. Facebook robots may find the similarity and can disable your account (rare chances)
  12. You are advertising your website/App/Blog on Facebook free of cost. It is allowed to advertise a post from your blog, but not the whole blog
  13. You are under 18. You can make Facebook account using fake DOB but don’t change it later.
  14. Different payment information. Few of u may pay for advertising/gaming on FB using your credit card having different name than your FB name may leads to ban.


—————–STAY SOCIAL AND SAFE :)——————-


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