Top cricketers and their top cars


Today i am here with my new topic and that is top cricketers and their top cars.We all discuss about cricketers then we discuss about their batting bowling or runs or wickets if we go some personal then we talk about their wives or their children but we dont pay some attention about their cars yes today we here to talk about their cars.The cricketers are so much special to us and their cars are also so much special and luxury so lets go discuss about their cars:

Sourav Ganguly- Mercedes Benz CLK convertible

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Sourav Ganguly former skipper of indian team has also a beautiful car named Mercedes Benz CLK convertible .It is basically a road going version of the 599XX – a car that used to hold a Nurburgring lap record. Ferrari says that the 599 GTO is the fastest road car ever to be able to lap the Fiorano test circuit in 1 minute 24 seconds.


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