Top 5 teams with most winning percentage in 2015


Today my topic is Top 5 teams with most winning percentage in 2015.Here we just talk about the ODI and only in 2015 .By that it is clear about the performances of team in 2015.And we know about the players form.Many team gives food performance this year usually we don’t expect that type of performance from that,and it is very helpful in T20 world cup 2016 .On the basis of 2015 performance we are able to guessing that which team will hook up the T20 world cup in 2016.but today lets discuss about the most winning percentage of teams in 2016:

5.India 56.5%

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It is not doubt that India is a capable team that he can defeat any team.In india there is many world class bowler and batsmen but here they are on ni 5 with winniing percentage of 56.6 in ODI 2015


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