Tips for SEO Content Writing


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is changing into crucial to make sure that your web site is well found on search results, therefore nowadays we’ve provided our prime 5 SEO Tips to assist you get the simplest search results for your web site.

When you are made a business/personal web site, particularly one with a web store, it’s crucial that your website must be simply found on search results.
But going Further let’s talk What is SEO.?

According to Wikipedia “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results”

Why it is important?
Obvious if your site is not shown on search result then there is no traffic to your site and no clicks on ads or simply say no Earning so if you want to earn good money then read bellows killing tips for your website.
So SEO is very important.

Write for Visitors not for Search Engine.
Yes whenever we are writing any article we are concentrate on Search engine optimized article yes it is important but if you start writing for your audience then it automatically optimized for search engine.So write for your audience not for search engines.

Use Appropriate keywords
Keywords plays a major role in searching of any content on the web.So if you are using good keywords then search results of your website is good.But otherwise if your site do not contain any keywords or very less keywords than chances of neglecting your site by search engines is more.

Use Title Tags Always in </title> tag.
Yes what we are doing most of us using free themes for our site on wordpress or blogger but if you are using free themes then there will be more chances of not showing your title of post in <title> tag so you have to do manually.
In wordpress you can use various SEO plugin.
But nowadays if you choose good template for your site it comes with fully Search engine optimized.

Make Backlinks
Yes you need to make backlinks for your site and now you are thinking that how to make backlinks because who will allowed to make backlink on their site but still there are so many sites by which you can make backlinks for your site. We are not talking about robots site but we are talking about Luv to Comment site.
Yes sites who have CommentLuv plugin they allow users to comment on their site with your website link.
So how to start Just ‘Search’ on google “Luv to Comment” websites.
And there is lakhs of websites by which you may get the backlinks for your site. But again doing necessary or spamming commenting leads to ban your site by Google. So just 15 minutes per day is sufficient for commenting on others websites.

Last But Not least.
Have you submitted your sitemaps to Google,Yahoo Bing Directory. If No then why you are waiting ..??? Just register your site on Yahoo-Bing and Google Network and then submit your site map and then start monitoring your site. Now your site is always shows on search results.

But some users complaining that there site still not showing on search results so we think they need to add some more unique contents on their site. If you have unique and quality content then after optimized your website by above steps your site is showing on every single search engine.


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