SSC Multitasking Staff 2014 Answer Key 23/02/2014

On 23/02/2014(Sunday) many students had appeared for the Written Examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission 2014 for the post of Multitasking staff.SSC conducted its exam in various slots, one is on 16/02/2014 and the other slot and the exam held on 23/02/2014(Sunday).As soon as the completion of the examination,many students are awaiting for the Answer key,we are providing the Questions along with the Answers.Candidates are requested to check the Test form number 101 PK 2 of SSC Multitasking Staff 2014 examination held at various centers across India on 23/02/2014(Sunday).

SSC MTS Key 2014

Total Number of Questions: 150Q (150 M)

@ Numerical Aptitude – 25Q

@ General Intelligence & Reasoning – 25Q

@ General English – 50Q

@ General Awareness – 50Q

Duration of the examination : 2 Hours

Negative Marking : 0.25 M for each wrong Answer

Question Paper along with the Answers:

1).One morning,Rita started to walk toward the sun.After walking a while,she turned to her left and again to her left.After walking a while she again turned right.Which direction is she facing now?

Ans: North

2).Select the correct combination of mathematical signs to replace * signs and to balance the following equation:


Ans:  /*+

3).Select the missing number from the given responses.

25  49  16

36  81  64

11  16   ?

Ans: 12

4). 0,3,8,15,24,?,48

Ans: 35

5).AC,FH,KM,PR, ?

Ans: UW

6).From the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.



7).In a coded language,BRINJAL is written as LAJNIRB.How will LADYFINGER be written in that code?


8).Introducing Asha to Guests,Bhaskar said,” Her Father is the only son of My father.” How is Asha related to Bhaskar?

Ans: Daughter

9).Plant:Seed:: ? :Bud

Ans: Flower

10).BFG:EIJ::RVW: ?

Ans: UYZ

11). 8:56::9: ?

Ans: 63





Ans: 3-5


Ans: Panchsheel

15).Five friends P,Q,R,S and T are sitting in a row facing North.Here “S “ is between “T” and “Q” and “Q” is to the immediate left of “R”. “P” is to the immediate left of “T”.Who is in the middle?

Ans: “S”


All Crows are Birds

All Peacocks are Crows.


I.All Peacocks are Birds

II. All Birds are Peacocks

Ans: Only Conclusion I follows

17).Identify the Diagram that best represents the relationship among the classes,



18).If the loss on an Article is 5% and its cost price is Rs.90/-, Find the Selling Price.

Ans: Rs.85.50/-

19).A Defective TV costing Rs.5000/- is being sold at a loss of 50%.If the price is further reduced by 50%,then its selling price is,

Ans: Rs.1250/-

20).A Grocer buys 10 Dozens of Eggs at Rs.18/- per dozen from the wholesale market.Out of these 10 Eggs were found broken and had to be thrown away.At what price per Egg should he sell them so as to make a Profit of 10%,If he spent Rs.24/- on Transportation ?

Ans: Rs.2.00/-

21).The Length of a Rectangle is increased by 40% and its breadth is decreased by 30%.The change in Area of the Rectangle is,

Ans: 2% decrease

22).A Business man,marks his goods at such price that after allowing a discount of 15%,he makes a profit of 20%.The Marked price(In rupees) of an Article having Cost price Rs.170/- is ,

Ans: 240

23).The least ratio among 10:18,7:21,12:16,8:20 is

Ans: 7:21

24).If X be the mean proportion between X-2 and X-3, then the value of X is

Ans: 6/5

25).The Ratio of the Number of Boys and Girls in a Government aided school is 3:2. 20% of the boys and 25% of the girls are not scholarship holders.The Percentage of students who are scholarship holders is,

Ans: 78%

26).The Average of 10,12,16,20,P and 26 is 17.Find the value of P,

Ans: 18

27).A motorcycle covers 40 Km with a speed of 20Km/hr.Find the speed of the motor cycle for the next 40 Km journey.So that the average speed of the whole journey will be 30 Km/hr.

Ans: 60 Km/hr

28).If the ratio of the areas of 2 squares is 1:4,the ratio of their perimeters is,

Ans: 1:2

29).Perimeter of a Triangle is 24m.And Circumference of its incircle is 44m.Find the area of the Triangle

Ans: 84 Sqm

30).Find the rate of discount when marked price is Rs.250/-and selling price is Rs.235/-

Ans: 6.0%

31).The list price of a watch is Rs.160/-.After two successive discounts,it is sold for Rs.122/-.40.If the first  discount is 10%,What is the rate of the second discount ?

Ans: 15%

32).What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following equation?

317.5 / 313/2 * 31-3 = (√31)?

Ans: 6

33).4 men and 6 children can complete a work in 8 days while 3 men and 7 children can complete the same work in 10 days.If 20 children only work,the work will be completed in

Ans: 20 days

34).If a Sum of money at Simple Interest doubles in 5 years,it will become 4 times in how many years?

Ans: 15

35).If the discount sales reduce from 3 ½% to 3 ⅓%,What difference does it make to purchases for Rs.12,102 ?

Ans: Rs.20.17

36).A bus can complete a journey in 12 hours.The First half is completed at 22 km/hr and the second half at 26 km/hr.Find the distance.

Ans: 288 km

37).A man takes 6 hours 30 minutes in walking to a certain place and riding back.He would have gained 2 hours 10 minutes by riding both ways.How long he take to walk both ways ?

Ans: 8 hours 40 minutes

38).A Certain sum of money becomes Rs.2,250 at the end of 2 years and becomes Rs.2,625 at the end of 5 years.If the person receives only simple interest ,then the rate of interest is

Ans: 6.25%



Ans: Threw


Ans: Faced


Ans: Forgive



Ans: Dispirited


Ans: Naive


44).Liable to be easily broken.

Ans: Brittle

45).A room or building for the preservation of plants.

Ans: Greenhouse

46).A Large number of fish swimming together.

Ans: Shoal

47).A List of things to be discussed at a meeting.

Ans: Agenda

48).A Figure with many angles or sides.

Ans: Polygon



Ans: Embarrassment


Ans: Perseverance


Ans: Intelligence


Ans: Affiliate


Ans: Accommodation


Ans: Conscientious

55).Which of the following is the basic characteristic of a living organism ?

Ans: Ability to breathe

56).Radioactivity was discovered by

Ans: Henri Becquerel

57).Myopia is a disease connected with

Ans: Eyes

58).Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha had passed the Lokpal bill with more strong amendments in

Ans: 2013

59).Jim Corbett National Park is situated in

Ans: Uttarakhand

60).Who was the founder of “Ghadar Party”

Ans: Lala Har Dayal

61).Socialism is essentially a movement of

Ans: The workers

62).Who was popularly known as Africa’s Gandhi ?

Ans: Nelson Mandela

63).Aquaregia is a mixture of the following in the ratio 1:3 by volume

Ans: dil.HCL and dil.HNO3

64).In deep sea diving,divers use a mixture of gases consisting of Oxygen and

Ans: Nitrogen

65).When was the first central legislative assembly constituted ?

Ans: 1920

66).Who passed the Indian Universities Act

Ans: Lord Curzon

67).The Great wall of china was built by

Ans: Shih Huang-Ti

68).Sriperumbudur is the birthplace of

Ans: Sri Shankaracharya

69).The Easternmost peak of the Himalayas is

Ans: Namcha Barwa

70).In which state is the literacy of women the highest ?

Ans: Kerala

71).Which of the following economists is called the Father of Economics ?

Ans: Adam Smith

72).How many Fundamental Rights were granted initially?

Ans: Seven

73).”Atomic theory” of matter was given by

Ans: Dalton

74).A Wheel-barrow is an example of

Ans: Class II lever

75).CRM in the context of software Application means

Ans: Customer Relationship Management

76).A Supercomputer would be used for which one of the Following Application

Ans: Weather forecasting

77).De vries proposed

Ans: Theory of Mutation

78).Vitamin C is also known as

Ans: Ascorbic Acid

79).Clitellum is found in

Ans: Earthworm

80).Clouds float in the Atmosphere because of their

Ans: Low Density

81).Some equations are solved on the basis of a certain system. Find the correct answer for the unsolved equation on that basis.

678=366, 567=255, 946=??

Ans: 634

82).Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following?

1. Weaving, 2.Cotton, 3.Cloth, 4.Thread

Ans: 2,4,1,3

83).Magazine: Editor::Drama:?

Ans: Director

84).A piece of paper is folded and cut as shown below in the question figures. From the given answer figures, indicate how it will appear when opened.

Question Figures:


85).Which answer figure will complete the pattern in the Question figure ?

Question Figure:


86).From the given answer figures,select the one in which the question figure is hidden/embedded.

Question Figure:


87).A word is represented by only one set of numbers as given in any one of the alternatives.The sets of numbers given in the alternatives are represented by two classes of alphabets as in the two matrices given below.The columns and rows of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 and that of Matrix II are numbered from 5 to 9.A letter from these matrices can be represented first by its row and next by its column.e.g., ‘E’ can be represented by 00,13,32,etc., and ‘S’ can be represented by 55,76,87,etc.Similarly,you have to identify the set for the word given below:


Matrix I and Matrix II







































































Ans: 66,12,40,58

88).If a mirror is placed on the line,then which of the answer figures is the right image of the given figure ?

Question figure:


89).H.C.F of the reciprocals of the fractions 3/4, 9/10, 15/16 is

Ans: 2/45

90).30 men can produce 1500 units in 24 days working 6 hours a day. In how many days, can 18 men produce 1800 units working 8 hours a day?

Ans: 36 days

91).The line graph shows the number of houses sold each month by a real estate agent for the first six months of the year. Between which two months did sales increase the most?

Ans: March-April

92).The Pie-diagram shows the expenditure incurred on the preparation of a book by a publisher, under various heads.

A.Paper-20%, B.Printing-25%, C.Binding-30%, D.Miscellaneous-10%, E.Royalty-15%

Which two expenditures together will form an angle of 108 degrees at the centre of the diagram?

Ans: A and D

93).He does not_________ any fixed principle

Ans: go with

94).My finger is still __________ where I caught it in the door yesterday.

Ans: bruised

95).A trader was_________ at the city airport early on Thursday for carrying gold jewellery worth over Rs.1 crore

Ans: detained

96).A book’s a book _________there is nothing in it

Ans: unless

97).________knocking at the gate, he demanded admission

Ans: Loudly

98).I _______the job if you had paid me enough

Ans: Would have done

99).As soon as he got the telegram, he ________in a taxi

Ans: left

100).We had difficulty _________finding a parking place

Ans: in

101).The peasant rebellion was _________with a high hand by the Emperor

Ans: put down

102).That car is throwing_________a lot of smoke

Ans: up

103).Antonym for Revoke

Ans: Implement

104).I have recently changed my job and I am going to have teething problems

Ans: difficulties at the start

105).The soldiers fought tooth and nail to save their country

Ans: as best as they could

106).Chetan is very upset because the new manager always picks on him

Ans: treats badly

Improve the following sentence

107).The carpenter has been given a routine to finish his job

Ans: framework

108).The labourers are bent at getting what is due to them

Ans: bent upon

109). Although the goalkeeper was responsible for the defeat in the important football match, nobody blamed him.

Ans: yet nobody blamed him

110).The children found the story funny

Ans: humorous

111).The cattle are fed on barley and grass

Ans: No improvement

Passage & Questions:

112).How did putting up signs of his success in America help Mr. Kroc?

Ans: Americans would encourage him and buy more hamburgers

113).What made the restaurant popular?

Ans: It was clean and inexpensive

114).What is McDonald’s philosophy?

Ans: Quality control, service, cleanliness and high prices

115).Who is McDonald’s named after?

Ans: Two brothers unrelated to Mr. Kroc

116).Which statement is false?

Ans: McDonald’s is not innovative in their methods

Spotting Errors:

117).There is no agreement/between you and I/so we are free to go our way/No error

Ans: between you and I

118).His father would /rather die than/to beg from door to door/No error

Ans: to beg from door to door

119).He is guilty/for killing/an innocent bird/No error

Ans: for killing

120).I have just come/to know that Mr.Ray,one of my favourite/teachers,died with cancer recently/No error

Ans: teachers,died with cancer recently

121).Many persons must have read/”The Arabian Nights”,/which is very interesting/No error

Ans: No error

122).We should make green vegetables/as essential part of our daily diet,/Shouldn’t we/No error

Ans: No error

123).He has promised/to pay me the whole amount/in cheque with the stipulated time/No error

Ans: in cheque with the stipulated time

124).We must have/sympathy for/needy and the poor/No error

Ans: needy and the poor

125).When I left/the house at 9 o’clock/my son was still at home/No error

Ans: my son was still at home

126).I did not receive/any letter from my parents/for the last two months/No error

Ans: I did not receive

127).The film which won the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland is

Ans: Lagaan

128).How many assembly segments are there as per Vidhan Sabha Elections 2013 in Delhi ?

Ans: 70

129).The open “Sigrees” or coal stoves often require fanning to sustain burning because of

Ans: tendency of carbon dioxide to form a layer along with dust smoke

130).Green house effect is the heating up of the Earth’s atmosphere which is due to

Ans: the infra-red rays

131).Browning of paper in old books is caused by

Ans: Oxidation of cellulose

132).Which one of the following terms describes not only the physical space occupied by an organism,but also its functional role in the community of organisms ?

Ans: Ecosystem

133).Name the body which has replaced the U.N.Commission of Human Rights

Ans: Human Rights Council

134).Name the Indian King who warmly received the portuguese traveller Vasco da Gama when he landed at Calicut.

Ans: Zamorin

135).The Saviour of the Delhi Sultanate was

Ans: Minas-us-Siraj

136).Which of the following is not a notable industrial city ?

Ans: Kanpur

137).An economy which does not have any relation with the rest of the world is known as

Ans: Closed Economy

138).Returns to scale is a

Ans: long-run phenomenon

139).Rent is a factor payment paid to

Ans: land

140).Name the two non-permanent Houses in the Parliamentary set-up of India.

Ans: The Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha

141).The Mandal commission Report refers to

Ans: the Other Backward Classes

142).The weight of a body acts through the centre of

Ans: both gravity and mass

143).How many types of recipients are there in an Email system ?

Ans: One

144).Combustion of a candle is a/an

Ans: Exothermic reaction

145).Which among the following is a covalent compound ?

Ans: Calcium chloride

146).In a poultry unit,the factor most influencing the cost is the cost of

Ans: feed

147).Which one of the following rivers flows between Vindhya-Satpura ranges ?

Ans: Narmada

148).The highest volume of gases in lower atmosphere is comprised of

Ans: Nitrogen

149).Haemoglobin in the blood is protein rich in

Ans: Iron

150).Which of the following is not a stem modification ?

Ans: Tuber of Potato

Note: Candidates are requested to check the form number,questions and their corresponding answers of SSC Multitasking Staff 2014 Examination.

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