SSC CGL Tier 1 Question Paper held on 26th October 2014


Last Updated on 27th October,2014 

SSC CGL Tier 1 Question Paper held on 26th October 2014 provided below, candidates who appeared for SSC CGL Tier 1 Combined Graduate Level examination 2014 can check their OMR sheet and question paper here. Many candidates are eagerly waiting for SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key held on 26th October 2014 Sunday. Candidates can check their questions and get idea of approximate marks of SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination. Candidates check SSC CGL Answer Key Tier 1 2014 and exam pattern is provided below.

Name of the Organization: Staff Selection Commission

Name of the Exam: CGL 2014 (Combined Graduate Level) exam

Important Dates:

Exams held on: 19th October 2014 and 26th October 2014

Selection Process:

1).Tier 1 Examination (200 Marks)

2).Tier 2 Examination (400 Marks)

3).Interview (100 Marks)

Exam Pattern:

Tier II Examination:

A).Quantitative Abilities (200 Marks) – 100 Questions

Duration of Exam: 2 Hours

B).English Language & Comprehension (200 Marks)

Duration of Exam: 2 Hours

For Clarifications: (Contact numbers) 

SSC New Delhi – 01164715222; 01165021888; 01124360840; 01124363343

SSC Chennai – 09445195946; 04428251139

SSC Mumbai – 09869730700; 07738422705

SSC Allahabad – 05322460511; 05326541021

SSC Guwahati – 09085073593; 09085015252

SSC Raipur – 09407921504; 0947921505

SSC Kolkata – 09477461228; 09477461229

SSC Chandigarh – 09915509204; 09915509331

SSC Bangalore – 08025502520; 09483862020

SSC CGL Tier 1 Question Paper held on 26th October 2014:

SSC CGL Tier 1 General Awareness held on 26th October 2014 Questions:

1).Name the Italian traveller who visited the Vijayanagar Empire in 1420 A.D.

Ans: Nicolo de Conti

2).Which one of the following dynasties established an independent rule in Bijapur?

Ans: Adil Shahi

3).The Word “Oikonomia” means

Ans: Household Management

4).The word “Economics” is taken from which language?

Ans: Greek

5).The famous economist Thomas Robert Malthus, in his views regarding population, is

Ans: Partly Optimistic and partly pessimistic

6).Non-insurable or uncertainty risk is

Ans: Change in fashion

7).”Gold Bullion Standard” refers to

Ans: gold as the measure of value

8).Laws made by the executive are called

Ans: Rule of Law

9).Who regarded the second chamber as needless, useless and worse?

Ans: Laski

10).The tenure of the Swiss President is

Ans: 1 year

11).Which of the following is a merit of the Presidential form of Government?

Ans: It safeguards the liberty of the people

12).The two chambers of the Swiss Federal Assembly are called

Ans: National Council and Council of States

13).The Sufi movement originally started from

Ans: Persia

14).Humayun was driven out of Hindustan in 1540 A.D. after the battle of

Ans: Kanauj

15).Poly metallic nodules (also called manganese nodules) are found in concentrations

Ans: in deep ocean beds

16).Spot the odd item in the following

Ans: Delta

17).Kandla port is located at

Ans: Gulf of Kutch

18).Who among the following enjoyed the patronage of Sultans from Balban to Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq?

Ans: Amir Khusrow

19).Nag Tiba and Mahabharat ranges are included in

Ans: Lesser Himalayas

20).Pink mould is the common name for

Ans: Aspergillus

21).The sleeping sickness is caused by

Ans: Trypanosoma

22).Haemolymph is observed in

Ans: Arthropods

23).The virus without capsid but only with nucleic acids is called

Ans: Capsomere

24).The immunity caused by the B-lymphocytes is called

Ans: Acquired immunity

25).Which of the following forests grows in waterlogged areas?

Ans: Mangrove

26).Flow of blood in dorsal blood vessel of Earthworm is

Ans: Downward

27).Which of the following is biodegradable?

Ans: Leather belts

28).Fungi that grow on bark are said to be

Ans: Xylophilous

29).To an astronaut in space the sky will appear to be

Ans: Black

30).On a rainy day,small oily films on water show brilliant colours.This is due to

Ans: Scattering

31).Natural Radioactivity was discovered by

Ans: Henri Becquerel

32).Rainbow formation is due to

Ans: Refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets

33).CAD stands for

Ans: Computer Aided Design

34).Unix Operating System is generally known as

Ans: Multi User Operating System

35).Combustion is a

Ans: Physical and Chemical Process

36).Which of the following is not a form of carbon

Ans: Hematite

37).What is Dry Ice ?

Ans: Solid Carbon dioxide

38).The gas commonly used in advertising sign-boards and decorative lights is

Ans: Neon

39).Who is the prime minister of Australia?

Ans: Tony Abbott

40).Which is the parent country of Mobile giant “Nokia”?

Ans: Finland

41).Where was the Joint G20 Finance and Labour Ministers Meeting held on 19th July, 2013?

Ans: Moscow

42).Who holds the world record as the youngest person to climb Mount Everest?

Ans: Dicky Dolma

43).Hyperplasia means

Ans: Abnormal increase in number of cells

44).The part of root involved in water absorption is

Ans: Zone of root hairs

45).Who took oath as the President of Iran on 4th August, 2013?

Ans: Mohammad Bashir Ahmad

46).Who was sworn in as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations by Joe Biden on 01 August, 2013?

Ans: Rosemary Dicarlo

47).Who won the Rogers Cup Women’s Singles in Lawn Tennis in 2013?

Ans: Serena Williams

48).Who was appointed as the Chairperson of the National School of Drama on 19th August, 2013?

Ans: Ratan Thiyam

49).To which channel did the International Olympic Committee sells the broadcasting rights for 2014 and 2016 Olympics?

Ans: STAR India

50).Which is the largest man-made lake?

Ans: Govind Sagar

SSC CGL Tier 1 English Comprehension Skills held on 26th October, 2014:

Find Errors:

1).I wish to heartily / congratulate you for / your astounding success / No Error

Ans: I wish to heartily

2).The visitor took the vacant seat / next from mine / one of the many huge sofas in the room / No error

Ans: next from mine

3).He was / a learnt man among lords / and a lord among learned men / No error

Ans: No error

4).With our great annoyance / we found the ground / filled with broken glasses / No error

Ans: filled with broken glasses

5).The new device / aims at eliminating / the risk of short-circuiting / No error

Ans: the risk of short-circuiting

Choose the Correct Alternatives:

6).The sun is shining brightly, please ______ the light

Ans: put out

7).This practice was bought _______ to prevent certain abuses

Ans: about

8).This package was supposed ________ yesterday

Ans: to have been delivered

9).Her true feelings manifested themselves in her sarcastic remarks, only then was her ________ revealed

Ans: Bitterness

10).The book provides an overview of European wines that should prove inviting to both the virtual ______ and the experienced connoisseur

Ans: zealot

Choose the correct Synonyms:

11).Pinnacle = Summit

12).Garble = Confuse

13).Brutalize = Ill-treat

Choose the correct Antonyms:

14).Denounce — Praise

15).Seamy — Honest

16).Cease — Initiate

Choose the Correct Idiom/Phrases:

17).I’ll be able to do my job very well when I Know the ropes

Ans: Learn the procedures

18).The secretary’s thoughtless remark added fuel to the fire

Ans: Worsened the difficult situation

19).He could not get money from his master because he rubbed him up the wrong way

Ans: irked or irritated him

20).Ask Mr.Das.He can give you all the news you need: he is always in the swim

Ans: giving news to others

21).You have been trying to solve this puzzle for a long time, be careful so that you avoid barking up the wrong tree

Ans: trying to find something at a wrong place

Improvement of Sentences:

22).The toys he bought for suzy are too good to be cheap

Ans: No improvement

23).I did one mistake in the dictation test today

Ans: I made a mistake in

24).John has been detained at a meeting

Ans: No improvement

25).The butler was as devoted as a faithful dog

Ans: A faithful friend

26).The government representative furnished the reporters all details

Ans: furnished the reported with all the details

27).It was raining so heavily yesterday that I could not move out for my usual walk

Ans: No Improvement

28).Ram filled ink into his pen before leaving for school

Ans: filled his pen with ink

29).There is an error in grammar in this sentence

Ans: a grammatical error

30).To his astonishment and admiration he got the information that it was only the picture of a curtain

Ans: found

31).He denied that he had not forged my signature

Ans: No improvement

One Word Substitutions:

32).A doctor who specialized in diseases of the nose

Ans: Rhinologist

33).Study of caves


34).Government by the few

Ans: Oligarchy

35).Materials that change naturally by the action of bacteria

Ans: Biodegradable

36).Having a stale smell or taste

Ans: Rancid

37).A wooden object used for connecting animals that are pulling a vehicle

Ans: Yoke

38).A man who knows a lot about things like food, music and art

Ans: Connoisseur

Mis-spelt Words:

39).A).Extirpeit                       B).Extirpate            C).Extirpaite                   D).Exterpate

Ans: B).Extirpate

40).A).Intelligibillity        B).Intelligibility        C).Inteligibility       D).Inteligibelity

Ans: B).Intelligibility

Passage I:

41).An Individual episode of a soap opera generally switches between

Ans: different concurrent narrative threads

42).Soap operas that run for a part of the year usually end in

Ans: a cliffhanger

43).What does the author mean by the open-ended nature of soap operas?

Ans: Each episode ends with a promise that the storyline is to be continued in another episode

44).A soap opera has the space for it to be more

Ans: naturalistic

45).The economics of a soap opera form demands for it to have

Ans: long scenes

Passage II:

46).After a swim in the moor they

Ans: set down on the sandy bottom where the water was about knee deep and watched the daylight comes

47).In the stillness of the night

Ans: the whole world was asleep

48).The streak on the water looks as it does because

Ans: of a snag there in the swift current which breaks on it

49).How did the days and nights go by, according to the writer?

Ans: They slid along so quiet and smooth and lovely

50).They stopped navigating

Ans: at dawn



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