Selection of Branch and Best college for M Pharm


1st of all Congratulations for your success in B.Pharma. The Big question for every Pharma graduate which branch to be choose for M Pharma and best college for the same::

Only you can answer this question. Selection of branch for M Pharmacy depends upon two factors:

  • Area of your Interest
  • The career stream you want after M.Pharma

As I know top 3 branches for M.Pharma in India are; Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, and Analysis. Other branches are Pharmacognosy, Industrial pharma, QA, Clinical Pharmacy, Biotechnology etc

Some people confused about branch because of scope of particular. My advice is do not change your mind thinking about scope. Choose the branch based upon your interest. Just because Growth of Pharma people depends upon their skill, knowledge and expertise. You can have these qualities only if you choose subject of your interest.

(I don’t know what is the area of my interest)

May be this is the problem with most of the students. So I say choose the branch based upon career you want in future. Go for Pharmaceutics as it is the evergreen branch of all time (read my other article for detail). If you want to go for research work, choose 1.Pharmacology 2.Pharmacognosy.

If you are just job oriented, want good salary package, I suggest go for Pharmaceutics. It is all-rounder branch till now. You can go for research, F&D, R&D, whatever you want.


Now 2nd question is to choose best college. Some of you might be looking for MS in foreign countries, that’s a different thing. In India, there is increase in competition in Pharmacy field now. One has to be perfect to withstand among others. Everybody looks for admission in top colleges like NIPER, BITS, DIPSAR, and PU etc. Stop thinking about this. The advantage of good college is only better placement, expose to good infrastructure and teachers. Job has least to do with colleges. You just need a degree in hand to get a job. Good and well established college may help you to get a job easily by referring.

Before selecting a college/univ. for M.Pharma, enquire few things: like PCI/AICTE approval, placement capacity, and infrastructure. You can easily confirm it from passed out students (social media can help you). If you are GPAT qualified student, you may ask for stipend/scholarship from colleges though it depends upon respected college.

In the last think about branch of your choice, If you do not have enough(donation) money for top colleges, stop thinking about that. A simple PCI approved college can help you to get a best job.




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