SBI Associate Clerk 2014-15 GK Questions 24th January 2015


SBI Associate Clerk 2014-15 GK Questions 24th January 2015, Exam is going to be started from 24th January 2015 till end of February 2015. Many aspirants have applied for SBI Associate Clerk 2014-15 Examination. Candidates who have appeared for SBI Associate Clerk Examination on 24/01/2015 can check their GK (General Awareness) and Computer questions here.

SBI Associate Clerk 2014-15 GK Questions:

Q). What is the Capital of Greece?

Ans: Athens

Q). What is the currency of Bangladesh?

Ans: Taka

Q). Which of the following is Headquarter of UNESCO?

Ans: Paris

Q). which of the following regulates Banking Sector?

Ans: RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

Q). Roger Federer is related to ____ Sports?

Ans: Lawn Tennis

Q). 18th SAARC summit held recently in?

Ans: Nepal (Kathmandu)

Q). 2016 Summer Olympics Venue?

Ans: Brazil (Rio-de-Janerio)

Q). What is the currency of Pakistan?

Ans: Pakistani Rupee

Q). National Voters day is observed on?

Ans: 25th January

Q). Boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is?

Ans: Durand line

Q). What is the full form of BSBDA?

Ans: BSBDA – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

Q). What is the capital of Argentina?

Ans: Buenos Aires

Q). What is the range of Agni 4 Missile?

Ans: 4000 Km

Q). The book of Sachin Tendulkar Autography?

Ans: Playing it my Way

Q). What is the full form of CVV?

Ans: CVV – Card Verification Value

Q). BSF Foundation day (49th Raising Day) is observed on?

Ans: 01st December

Q). What is the name of Cyclone which was recently occurred in Visakhapatnam?

Ans: Hudhud

Q). Golden Peacock award at IFFI 2015 is?

Ans: Leviathan (Russian Film)

Q). What is the wife name of Obama?

Ans: Michelle Obama

Q). What is the range of Dong Feng 31B Missile?

Ans: 10000 Km

Q). Bharatanatyam is related to which State?

Ans: TamilNadu

Q). Who is the minister of Water Resources?

Ans: Uma Bharti

Q). Rosetta Aircraft was launched by?

Ans: ESA (European Space Agency)

Q). Highest urban population according to census 2011 is in?

Ans: Maharashtra

Q). Who is the Minister of State of Finance?

Ans: Jayant Sinha

Q). Instrument for Investment is called

Ans: Infrastructure Bond

Q). Pankaj Mishra is related to?

Ans: Novelist

Q). Who is the Vice Chairman of NITI AAYOG?

Ans: Aravind Panagaria


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