SBI Associate Bank PO 15th November 2014 GA Questions

SBI Associate Bank PO 15th November 2014 GA Questions, General Awareness Questions and some questions asked on 15/11/2014 are given below. Many candidates have been eagerly waiting for SBI Associate Bank PO 2014 Answer Key and Question paper held on 15th November 2014.Interested and candidates who appeared for SBI PO Associate Bank can check here.

1).Raghuram Rajan has won award by?

Ans: Euro money Award

2).What is the full form of MAN?

Ans: Metropolitan Area Network

3).An Excel Workbook is a collection of ___?

Ans: Collection of Spreadsheets

4).Saina Nehwal is related with which sport?

Ans: Badminton

5).There is a question on Consumer Price Index (CPI)

6).Command to UNDO recent action, we use ___

Ans: Ctrl + Z

7).The Speed of Microprocessor is generally measured in?

Ans: GHz (Gigahertz)

8).The Author of the book “Oath of Vayuputras” _____ ?

Ans: Ameesh Tripathi

9).What is the full form of PPTP?

Ans: Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol

10).Which of the following countries and Capitals are correctly matched?

Ans: Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

11).The 2nd generation computer were based on _____

Ans: Transistors

12).______ is the Accidental Cover amount in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana?

Ans: Rs.1, 00,000/-

13).What is meant by Recession?

Ans: Recession is a period of non permanent economic decline. Recession is basically identified b a fall in GDP in 2 successive quarters.

14).The Financial Benchmark panel was headed by ______

Ans Vijya Bhaskar

15).Which of the following rates RBI decides under the Monetary Policy?

Ans: Repo Rate (RR)

16).There is a question on Inflation

17).How many digits available in MICR?

Ans: There are Nine (9)

18).What is the full form of IFSC?

Ans: Indian Financial System Code

19).What is the function of Ctrl + Delete?

Ans: Ctrl + Delete is to delete the entire link to the right of the cursor

20).Mutual Funds in India follows the accounting standards laid by?

Ans: SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India)

21).Men Book Award 2014 Winner?

Ans: Richard Flanagan

22).In MS Word, to reach at the end of the link what should we use?

Ans: End

23).Who is the economic Affairs Secretary?

Ans: Rajiv Mehrishi

24).The commercial paper can be issued for the maximum period of ____ days?

Ans: 365 days (01 year)

25).SBI has launched minor account for children above 10 years are known as?

Ans: Pehli Udaan

26).Raghuram rajan has got the best government central bank from ______ organization?

Ans: Euro money Magazine

Note: All the above questions provided were based on Memory held on 15th November 2014.

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