Reasoning Questions SBI PO’s Exam (Statements & Conclusions)

Reasoning Questions for SBI PO’s Exam in the Part of Statements and Conclusions are provided. Statements and Conclusions is a part of Analytical Reasoning and Solve following reasoning test. Reasoning Part is a section in which candidates can score very good marks, so Reasoning Questions provided below would really be helpful for aspiring candidates who are preparing for SBI PO’s Recruitment 2014-15 examination. Solve following 15 Reasoning questions in the Statements and Conclusions part and get an Idea of solving these questions quickly. Solve following questions, logical reasoning questions with solutions provided below for you. We hope these Reasoning Questions will be helpful in almost all the competitive examinations.

Reasoning Questions

Test Pattern:

i).Reasoning Questions are given with both “Statements and Conclusions”

ii).Options are given naming I, II, III and IV

iii).Before solving each Question, try to take a paper and Pen and then draw the Diagram (Venn) first

iv).Thereafter it would be easy for you to pick up CORRECT ANSWER easily

v).After solving following Reasoning Questions, Make a note of SIMPLE PRINCIPLE (Or Logic) that you learn from these questions

vi).If you keenly observe and solve following questions, sure you are going to rock in BANKING Exams (SBI PO’s and other more exams)

I. Options: (From Q 1 to Q 5)

a).If only Conclusion I follows

b).If only Conclusion II follows

c).If either Conclusion I or II follows

d).If neither Conclusion I nor II follows

e).If both Conclusion I and II follow

Questions 1:


I).Some Suitcase are Bags

II).All bags are Money


I).Some Money are suitcases

II).All Suitcases are Money

Ans: a)


Questions 2:


I).Some Shells are Crystals

II).Some Crystals are Transparent


I).No Transparent is Shell

II).Some Shell are Transparent

Ans: c).

Questions 3:


I).No Fruit is Apple

II).All Apples are good


I).Some Fruits are not good

II).Some good are not fruits

Ans: b).

Questions 4:


I).All Consumptions are goods

II).All goods are Satisfaction


I).All Satisfactions are Consumptions

II).All Consumptions are Satisfaction

Ans: b).

Questions 5:


I).All Homes are Rooms

II).Some Rooms are Kitchens


I).Some Rooms are Homes

II).Some Homes are Kitchens

Ans: a).

Instructions (From Q 6 – Q 10):


a).Only I follows

b).Only II follows

c).Data is Insufficient

d).Either I or II follows

e).Neither I nor II follows

Questions 6:

Pearl is Brilliant

Pearl is a Women

I).All Women are Brilliant

II).Pearl is Brilliant because she is a Women

Ans: d). {All Women may or may not be Brilliant}

Questions 7:

Some Plants are Shrubs

Some Shrubs are Trees

I).Some Plants are Trees

II).All Trees are Shrubs

Ans: e).

Question 8:

Dinesh is not father of Suresh

Suresh is the son of Karthik

Karthik has three sons

I).Suresh is the brother of Dinesh

II).Karthik is the father of Suresh

Ans: b).

Question 9:

No Banks are Gold

All Banks are Cash

I).No Gold is Cash

II).Some Cash is Gold

Ans: d).

Question 10:

Some Hotels are Homes

All Hotels are Inns

I).Some Inns are Homes

II).No Home is an Inn

Ans: a).

Questions 11:


I).All Girls are Boys

II).All Boys are Lions


I).Some Lions are Girls

II).All Girls are Lions

III).All Lions are Girls

IV).Some Boys are not Girls


a).Only I, II and IV follows

b).Only I, II follow

c).Only I, II and IV follow

d).Only III follows

e).All of them follow

Ans: b).

Questions 12:


I).Some Flowers are Dogs

II).Some Dogs are Cats


I).Some Dogs are Flowers

II).Some Cats are Dogs

III).Some Flowers are Cats

IV).No Cat is Flower


a).Only I, II and III follow

b).Only I, II and IV follow

c).Only I, II or III, IV follow

d).None of which follows

e).All of the above follow

Ans: d).

Questions 13:


I).All Cows are Bulls

II).No Bull is Dog


I).No Dog is Cow

II).Some Bulls are Cows

III).No Dog is Bull

IV).No Cow is Dog


a).Only II and III follow

b).Only II follows

c).Only III and IV follow

d).Only IV follows

e).All of them follow

Ans: e).

Questions 14:


I).Some Cups are Jugs

II).All Jugs are Plates


I).Some Plates are not Cups

II).Some Plates are Cups

III).No Plate is a Cup

IV).All Cups are Plates


a).Only I follow

b).Only II follows

c).All of them follow

d).None of them follows

e).Only I, II and IV follow

Ans: b).

Questions 15:


I).All Glasses are Bowls

II).Some Bowls are Plates


I).All Bowls are Glasses

II).Some Glasses are Plates

III).All Plates are Glasses

IV).All Bowls are Glasses


a).Only I, II and III follow

b).None of them follows

c).Only III and IV follow

d).Only II follows

e).Only III follows

Ans: b).

Note: Solve One by One without going to the Answer First. Close the Answer for a while and reveal after you solve the Question. Kindly make a note of simple logic that you learn from the questions in a book, so that before going for the exam it sufficient to recollect that simple logic rather than solving all these Reasoning questions again.

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