NIACL AO Exam Questions held on 10th January 2015

NIACL AO Exam Questions held on 10th January 2015, New India Assurance Company Limited 2014- 15 Recruitment online examination questions held on 10/01/2015 are provided below. Candidates who are going to appear for this NIACL AO Examination soon can check questions asked in today’s examination. Check General Awareness GK questions of NIACL AP Exam Questions held on 10th January 2015.

Name of the Organization: New India Assurance Company Limited

Name of the Recruitment: NIACL AO 2015

Important Dates: Examination held on 10th January 2015

NIACL AO Exam Questions held on 10th January 2015:

  1. Q) What is the full form of NEFT? { National Electronic Fund Transfer}
  2. Q) What is the capital of Germany? { Berlin}
  3. Q) What is Potential Difference?
  4. Q) Human Rights Day is celebrated on ____? { 10th December}
  5. Q) Sunlight is the effect of _____?
  6. Q) Asean Summit held ____?
  7. Q) FIFA is related is which sports?
  8. Q) What is the currency of Greece?
  9. Q) Fastest 1000 runs scored by _____ (Australian) Player is? { S. Smith}
  10. Q) Who is the defence Minister? { Manohar Parrikar}
  11. Q) Galvanization is the process of?
  12. Q) Which of the following is the biggest river of India?
  13. Q) Tuberculosis cause due to _____ ?
  14. Q) What is the Full form of FIBA?
  15. Q) ____ country has highest literacy rate?
  16. Q) Telangana shares borders with ____ states?
  17. Q) What is the meaning of Equity Share?
  18. Q) PFRDA is ______ type of organizations? { Statutory, Corporate and Public Sector }
  19. Q) What does G stands for in GST (Goods and Service Tax)? { Goods}
  20. Q) Seamless Tubes are manufactured by ____ Process?
  21. Q) Krishna River issues between ____ States?
  22. Q) Pune University was renamed as ____
  23. Q) ING Vyasa Life Insurance was renamed as _____
  24. Q) There was a questions on Mutual Funds ..

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