Marketing Questions and Answers of SBI PO 2013Exam

Marketing Questions and Answers of SBI PO 2013 are provided for aspiring candidates.SBI PO exam consists of various sections, in which Marketing Awareness play a role to get good score.Hence,candidates are requested to gain knowledge on Marketing concepts. So that Candidates can solve Marketing Questions and answers with in less span of time.SBI PO question paper 2013 Marketing Questions and Answers are provided below along with the Answers. As there is less time to prepare oneself, we are suggesting you to solve as many SBI PO Previous papers as candidates can. We hope these below Marketing Questions and Answers of SBI PO exam would helpful for upcoming SBI PO 2014-15 examination.

Marketing Questions and Answers

Marketing Questions and Answers

Marketing Questions and Answers

SBI PO Question Paper 2013 Marketing Questions and Answers :

1).Post-Sales activities include __________

a).Customer Apathy

b).Customer Identification

c).Customer Feedback

d).Sales Presentation

e).Product Design

2).Leads can be the best source from ___________

a).Yellow Pages

b).List of Vendors

c).Foreign Customers

d).Local Supply Chains


3).Innovation in marketing is similar to _____________

a).Research work





4).A Good Brand Can be built up by way of _____________

a).Large number of Products

b).Consistent offering of good services

c).Old age

d).Break-down of IT Support

e).Customer Grievances

5).The “USP” of products refers ______________

a).High Selling features of a Product

b).Number of allied products available

c).Drawbacks of the Products

d).Usefulness of the Product

e).Main Function

6).The Target market for Debit Card is _______________

a).All Outsourced Agents

b).All Existing Account-Holders

c).All DSAs

d).All Vendors

e).All Agriculturist

7).Value Added Services means ____________

a).High Cost Services

b).Low Cost Services

c).At Par Service

d).Giving the Discount

e).Additional Services for the same cost

8).A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be Adept in _______________

a).Communication Skills

b).Surrogate Marketing

c).Marketing Research

d).OTC Marketing

e).Training Skills

9).A Successful marketing person needs _____________ Quality






10).Market segmentation can be restored to by dividing the target group as per _______________

a).Needs of Sales persons

b).Age of the Employee

c).Income levels of customers

d).Size of the Organization

e).Marketing skills of the Employee

11).The Competitive position of a firm or company can be improved by ___________

a).Increasing the cost price

b).Reducing the Margin

c).Ignoring Competitors

d).Understanding and fulfilling customer’s needs

e).Increasing the selling price

Answer Key of SBI PO 2013 Marketing Questions and Answers :

1).c).Customer Feedback

2).d).Local Supply Chains


4).b).Consistent offering of good services

5).a).High Selling features of a Product

6).b).All Existing Account-Holders

7).e).Additional Services for the same cost

8).a).Communication Skills


10).c).Income levels of customers

11).d).Understanding and fulfilling customer’s needs

Some other Marketing Questions and Answers (Marketing Awareness) :

1).Promotional Activities are also referred as ____________

a).Product Mix

b).Marketing Mix

c).Place Mix

d).Promotional Mix

e).None of these

2).The General Objective of Marketing Cost Analysis is to ____________

a).Determine relative profitability of various sales & Marketing Operations

b).Analyse costs by Territory

c).Obtain cost data for selling expense budget

d).Keep expenses in line with sales expenses

e).None of the above

3).ICDT abbreviation ____________

a).Information, Communication, Transportation and Distribution

b).Internet, Communication, Transaction and Distribution

c).Information, Communication, Transaction and Distribution

d).Internet, Carrier, Transaction and Distribution

e).Investment, Communication, Transaction and Distribution

4).Effective Selling Skills depends on ________

a).Information Regarding IT market

b).Data on Marketing Staff

c).Ability to talk fast

d).Knowledge of related markets

e).No. of Languages known to the DSA

5).Price is the ___________ of a Product expressed in terms of ____________

a).Value, Money

b).Quantity, Cost

c).Quantity, Money

d).Value, Cost

e).None of these

6)._____________ says “Stock Exchange is an association of Brokers”

a).Vinobha Bhave

b).Pankaj Parshar


d).Philip Kotler

e).None of them

7).Price is one of the four P’s of ____________

a).Market Characteristics

b).Marketing Mix

c).Promotion Mix

d).Product Mix

e).None of them

8).Sampling and Couponing are the tools for ____________

a).Consumer Promotion

b).Sales Force Promotion

c).Trade Promotion

d).All of the above

e).None of the above

9).Sales Promotion is a Sales Tool to be used as _____________

a).Long Term Sales Stimulate

b).Medium Term Sales Stimulate

c).Short Term Sales Stimulate

d).All of these

e).None of the above

10).Super Market is a form of _________ Scale Retailing




d).Any of the above

e).None of the above

11).___________ are the causes of high marketing cost

a).Transportation Cost

b).Trademark Charges

c).Packages Expense

d).Advertisement Charges

e).All the above

12).____________ related to Merchant Middlemen




d).Both b and c

e).None of them

13).If Production and Consumption of Services takes place simultaneously, the process is called ___________

a).Marketing of Intangibles


c).Direct Marketing

d).Production Process of Tangibles

e).None of them

14).Study on several stages of Distribution Network is converted under ___________ Research






15).Convenience is the best example of ___________

a).Complicated Motive

b).First Motive

c).Primary Buying Motive

d).Secondary Buying Motive

e).Single Motive

16)._____________ is/are element of Advertising

a).Personal Communications

b).Informal Communications

c).Non Personal Communications

d).Both a and c

e).None of the above

17).__________ emphasises Personal Selling



c).Personal Price

d).Product Quality

e).None of them

18).____________ related to Personal Selling

a).Face to Face contact with Buyer

b).Use of Written, Oral and Visual Manage

c).Mass Communications

d).Impersonal Activities

e).None of them

19).The Dispersion Activity is performed by ___________






20).The Focus of Modern Marketing also includes ___________

a).Product Management

b).Efficient Customer Service

c).Customer Relationship Management

d).All the above

e).None of the above

21).Catalogues, Mailings, Telemarketing can be classified as _____________

a).Public Relation

b).Sales Promotion


d).Direct Marketing

e).All the above

22).Marketing Strategy consists of _________ components

a).Target Markets and Promotions

b).Target Market and Marketing Mix

c).Marketing Mix and Marketing Objective

d).Marketing Objective and Promotion

e).None of these

23).Product Mix has Product Width. Product Width has _____________

a).Product Items only

b).Product Depth only

c).Product Lines

d).All the above

e).None of the above

24).__________ creates problems of Management

a).Tabulation of Information

b).Paucity of Information

c).Oversupply of Information

d).All the above

e).None of the above

25).Product Research deals with the problems facing the ____________

a).Administrative Planning

b).Product Planning

c).Marketing Planning

d).Organizational Planning

e).All the above

26).______________ are the ultimate users of Marketing Information System

a).The Competitors of the firm

b).The Customers of the firm

c).The Decision makers of the firm

d).Both a and b

e).None of the above

27).Loss ledger pricing, special event pricing, cash discounts are example of _____________

a).Geographical Pricing

b).Promotional Pricing

c).Psychological Pricing

d).All the above

e).Both a and c

28).Concentric, Horizontal and Conglomerate are three types of ___________

a).Product Modification

b).Product Development


d).Both a and b

e).All the above

29).Cost forms the ____________ of the price

a).Cost is not considered while pricing



d).Both a and c

e).None of them

30).________________ is used to decide Advertising Method

a).Task & Objective Method

b).Concurrent Test Method

c).Market Share Approach

d).Both a and c

e).All the above

 Answer Key:

1).d).Promotional Mix

2).a).Determine relative profitability of various sales & Marketing Operations

3).c).Information, Communication, Transaction and Distribution

4).d).Knowledge of related markets

5).a).Value, Money


7).b).Marketing Mix

8).a).Consumer Promotion

9).c).Short Term Sales Stimulate


11).e).All the above

12).d).Both b and c



15).d).Secondary Buying Motive

16).d).Both a and c


18).a).Face to Face contact with Buyer


20).c).Customer Relationship Management

21).d).Direct Marketing

22).b).Target Market and Marketing Mix

23).c).Product Lines

24).c).Oversupply of Information

25).b).Product Planning

26).c).The Decision makers of the firm

27).b).Promotional Pricing



30).d).Both a and c

Note: Candidates are requested to make note of all these Marketing Questions and Answers in a book. Or Take a Printout of them for future Quick reference before going for SBI PO examination as well as for other Banking exams too.

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