Managed cloud hosting you must know about


Today we are going to talk about Managed Cloud hosting. As we know Managed cloud hosting is one of the best hosting service ever in this world. In the managed cloud hosting you may choose your servers according to your need. If you think you have audience like 5000-10000 daily views then you may go with 1GB RAM and 100GB Disk space. You will pay only for what you choose. In the normal hosting you need to pay for full hosting even you are not utilizing resources fully.

So basically in the managed cloud hosting you are managing your resources according to your need. You don’t need to pay for 100% resources. Just choose resources according to your need and pay for that.  In the managed hosting you can choose your servers and RAM and hard disk space according to your need or we can say according to your traffic.

How to choose RAM and Hard disk space in Managed Cloud hosting ?

So basically first of all you need to analysis your traffic. How much traffic do you have ? If you are getting daily visitors around 5000-10000 then you may go with 1GB RAM and depending upon the data you have on your website you may choose hard disk space. Generally for small businesses 100GB space is enough. But if you  are getting more than 15K visitors then its better to go with 2GB RAM.

Managed Cloud hosting is the future of hosting. Many pro bloggers have shifted there blogs to cloud hosting from normal hosting. As cloud hosting is the one of the best type of hosting and many of users who are previously on normal hosting are shifting to cloud hosting because they want to make user experience good and also in order to save some money.

We will advice you to shift to Managed cloud hosting as soon as possible because this is the future of hosting. And very soon almost all peoples will start using Managed cloud hosting.


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