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Today we are with JAVA Hand Written Notes Download specially for engineering students who are doing engineering in Computer Science and IT. We have covered almost all basic and advance topics of JAVA. These are the JAVA hand written notes in PDF format. You may need Adobe Reader in order to open these notes.

Topics Covered in JAVA Hand Written Notes :


Introduction: Object oriented programming, Two paradigms, abstraction, the OOP principles, Difference between C/C++ and Java, Applets and Applications, Java Development Kit, Advantages of Java. Variables, data types, operators, decision control statements, Iterative Statements, Switch case, Type casting.

Introduction to classes: Class fundamentals, declaring object reference variable, Introducing methods, constructors, this keyword, garbage collection, the finalize() method.

Methods and Classes: Overloading methods, using objects as parameters, recursion, static data members & Member functions, Arrays, vectors, String and string buffer.

Inheritance: Inheritance basics, using super, method overriding, dynamic method dispatch, Abstract Classes, Using final with inheritance.


Package: Defining packages, Package access protection, importing packages.

Interfaces: Defining and Implementing Interfaces, Multiple Inheritance through Interfaces.

Exception handling: Exception handling fundamentals, Exception types, Uncaught Exceptions Using try and catch, multiple catch clauses, nested try statements throw, finally, User defined exceptions.

Multithreaded Programming: The Java thread model, the main thread, creating thread, creating multiple thread, using is alive() and join (). Thread priorities, synchronization, Inter thread communications.


Abstract windowing Toolkit: Introduction to Applets, Applet architecture, HTML applet tag, Display Methods, parameter passing.

Event Handling: Event handling mechanism, Event classes (Action Event, Mouse Event, Key Event), Event Listener Interfaces (ActionListener, KeyListener, Mouselistener), Adapter classes

Window Fundamentals: Component, Container, Panel, Window, Frame, working with Graphics, colors, Fonts, AWT Controls, Layout Manager & Menus.


Swing: Difference between AWT and Swing, Swing components classes such as buttons, boxes, panes, tables, fields and trees.

JDBC: Java as a database front end, Database Client/Server methodology, Two-and three-tier

Database design, Operations (Insertion, deletion, selection, updating a database)

Servlets: Introduction, Life cycle, Simple Programs, Handling Http request and response, Handling cookies, session tracking.

JAVA Hand Written Notes Download Part 1

Part 2 Notes will be update very soon.


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