IBPS PO 19th October,2014 Morning Shift Questions

IBPS PO 19th October, 2014 morning shift questions held today are provided below. Candidates who appeared for IBPS PO Probationary Officers 2014 exam on 19/10/2014 Sunday can check their IBPS PO question paper held on 19th October, 2014 here. Aspirants can check their general awareness and Computer questions here provided below based on the memory. Hence candidates are requested to check their IBPS PO question paper of 19th October, 2014 morning shift of GK questions here.

IBPS PO 19th October, 2014 Morning Shift Questions:

@ Who is the director of Singham Returns Movie?

Ans: Rohit Shetty

@ What is the HDFC Tagline?

Ans: We understand your world

@ Who is the Iran president?

Ans: Hassan Rouhani

@ Who is the Author of “Revolution 2020”?

Ans: Chetan Bhagat

@ The Smart Star account opened by which bank?

Ans: ICICI bank

@ Who is the Railway Minister?

Ans: Sadanand Gowda

@ What is the full form of PKI?

Ans: Public Key Infrastructure

@ Taskant is the capital of?

Ans: Uzbekistan

@ Sati Pratha abolished by whom?

Ans: Raja Ram Mohan Rai

@ MTSS used?

Ans: Personal remittance

@ What is the full form of PMJDY?

Ans: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

@ EBW full form is?

Ans: Export Bills permitted to be written off

@ The BSE is given trade facility?

Ans: Online

@ Who is the head of DIGC insurance cover?

Ans: Central Government

@ What is the capital of Tanzania?

Ans: Dodoma

@ How many digits does IFSC code contain?

Ans: 11 alphanumeric code

@ “Agaria Tribe” belongs to which state?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

@ What is the full form of CBS?

Ans: Core Banking Solution

@ DNA full form?

Ans: Deoxyribonucleic acid

@ What is the committee on Banking Ombudsman?

Ans: Suman Verma Committee

@ “Cyrus Mistry” is the CEO of ____group?

Ans: TATA Group

@ Kakrapar atomic power plant is in?

Ans: Gujarat

@ The basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit amount in a year is?

Ans: 01 lakh

@ Highest rate of child marriage (According to WHO)?

Ans: Bangladesh

@ What does “S” stands for in CDSL?

Ans: Securities (Central Depository Securities Depository Ltd)

@ What is the full form of WAN?

Ans: Wide Area Network

@ Linux is a ____

Ans: Is an operating system

@ How many letters are there according to ASCII?

Ans: 256 letters

@ To reach END of the page which key should we use?

Ans: Shift + PGDN

@ What is the full form of URL?

Ans: Uniform Resource Locator

@ Which of the following consists of Name, Subject?

Ans: Table

@ Which among the following belong Local Network?

Ans: LAN (Local Area Network)

@ What is the Shortcut for BOLD?

Ans: Ctrl+B

@ The mouse and trackball are?

And: Pointing device

@ Chip is also called as?

Ans: Integrated Circuit

@ What is the full form of EPROM?

Ans: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

@ Which among the following is not a programming language?

Ans: MS Excel

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