IBPS PO 19th October 2014 Evening Shift Questions


IBPS PO 19th October 2014 Evening shift questions can be obtained here, for General Awareness Section. As we all know that IBPS PO Probationary Officers exam level is high one must prepare themselves to compete high standard questions.IBPS PO 19th October 2014 general awareness questions are provided below. Hence candidates who are going to for exam in future can check model and idea of IBPS PO Question paper 2014 here.

IBPS PO 19th October 2014 Evening Shift Questions:

@ What is the capital of Argentina?

Ans: Buenos Aires (Currency-Peso)

@ What is the letter stands for A in ATM?

Ans: Automated (Automated Teller Machine)

@ What is the currency of Cambodia?

Ans: Riel

@ The slogan “Yogakshemam Vahamyaham” is of?

Ans: LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India)

@ What is the full form of PDF?

Ans: Portable Document Format

@ What is the full form of “CVV”?

Ans: Card Verification Value

@ _____ actor’s father is a famous badminton player?

Ans: Deepika Padukone

@ The Bank of International Settlement Headquarter?

Ans: Switzerland

@ Who is the Minority Affairs Minister?

Ans: Najma Heptulla

@ Bank uses which method to read the code on Cheque?

Ans: MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

@ Who player won the first gold medal in the “Squash game” in Asian Games?

@ What does C stand in CP?

Ans: Commercial (Commercial Paper)

@ The purpose of starting minor account for 10 years children is ?

Ans: Financial Inclusion

@ A question on scheme related to person named “Deen Dayal Upadhya” ?

@ What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Ans: Kabul

@ Who is the “Hard Choice” author?

Ans: Hillary Clinton

@ Who invented the Dynamite?

Ans: Alfred Nobel

@ Kudankulam nuclear plant is basically agreement between India and which country?

Ans: Russia

@ What % of population was below 35 years of age? (According to Census)

@ What is the Full form of GUI?

Ans: Graphic User Interface

@ What is the full form of VIRUS?

Ans: Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Note: Bank job aspirants are advised to prepare very well for the upcoming IBPS PO 2014 examinations. Kindly check the other IBPS PO questions of General Awareness and get good score as this section is the toughest among all other sections.


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