IBPS PO 18th October,2014 Morning Shift GA Questions


IBPS PO 18th October,2014 Morning Shift GA Questions of Computer questions as well as General Awareness Questions based on the memory.IBPS PO 18/10/2014 exam of morning shift questions can be obtained here. Candidates, who appeared for the IBPS PO exam 2014 on 18th October, 2014 are requested to check their Answer key for a brief Idea. Hence candidates who appeared and going to appear for exam in future can check IBPS PO 18th October,2014 Morning Shift GA Questions here.

IBPS PO 18th October,2014 Morning Shift  GA Questions :

@ The Full form of FII

Ans: Foreign Institutional Investor

@ What does L stands in “SLR”?

Ans: Liquidity

@ What is the currency of Spain?

Ans: Euro

@ Nuku Alofa is the capital of ____

Ans: Tonga

@ The PPF limit change from 1 lakh to _____ lakh

Ans: 1.5 Lakh

@ Jan Dhan Yojana Benefits What?

Ans: Overdraft loan in the Bank Account

@ Who is the writer of “The Mother I Never Knew”?

Ans: Sudha Murthy

@ Abhinav Bindra wins 2 bronze and the retirement

@ In ____ days the Know Your Customer (KYC) custom fills the identity proof?

Ans: 05 working days

@ Merchant Payments in India is been controlled by _____

Ans: Securities Exchange Board of India

@ What is the full form of NIM?

Ans: Net Interest Margin

@ Mogadishu is the capital of which country?

Ans: Somalia

@ The Heidelberg Cement India?

Ans: Ashish Guha

@ State Bank of India life insurance is partnered with?

Ans: BNP Paribas Cardif

@ What is MTSS?

Ans: Money Transfer Service Scheme

@ The Basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit amount in one year is ?

Ans: 01 lakh

@ The largest hydroelectric power plant in India is?

Ans: Koyna

@ Fusion Points agreement 118 countries are related to ___

@ ____ Indian movie selected for the Oscar Award 2015?

Ans: Liar’s Dice

@ Minister “Nitin Gadkari” is to which ministry?

Ans: Transport

@ Mr.Vishal Sikka is the CMD of ____ Company

Ans: Infosys

@ ____ gave the principle of body submerged partially or fully in the Water?

Ans: Archimedes

@ Basically the Money laundering is done to ___ tax

Ans: Avoid tax

@ There was a question on “Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881”

@ GUI means

Ans: User friendly (Graphic User Interface)

@ The shifting from windows 98 to windows XP is called?

Ans: Upgrade

@ Which of the following is not a malware?

Ans: Data Spy

@ In MS Word, the reverse action of “UNDO” is?

Ans: Redo

@ A saved program generally stores in?

Ans: Hard Disk

@ What is the Windows Explorer?

Ans: File Manager

@ Palm Operating device is?

Ans: PDA

@ Passwords are used for?

Ans: For unauthorized access in to the system

@ What is Transfer of applications from memory to the hard disk?

@ Generally to view how a document appears in the MS Office? What to select

Ans: Print Preview

@ Whenever a computer is turned ON, the first instruction performed the RAM Random Access Memory is from

Ans: ROM (Read Only Memory)


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