IBPS PO 12th October 2014 Morning Shift Questions


IBPS PO 12th October 2014 Morning shift questions held in the morning session or morning shift of General Awareness Section are provided here. Candidates, who have appeared for the exam on 12th October 2014 can check their GA Section. As this IBPS PO 2014 exam is online mode, it is very difficult for us to provide entire question paper. As most of students face major problem in GA section, based on memory we are providing IBPS PO 12th October 2014 Morning Shift Questions. We are providing to get a brief idea for candidates who are going to appear for further dates of IBPS PO 2014 examination.

Name of the exam: IBPS PO 2014

Name of the Shift: IBPS PO 12th October 2014 Morning Shift Questions

Name of the section: General Awareness (GA)

IBPS PO Morning Shift Questions (12th October, 2014):

@ RRCAT Rajaraman is located in Where?

Ans: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

@ What is the capital of Hanoi?

Ans: Vietnam

@ Which state is with lowest population density?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

@ What is the full form of EBT?

Ans: EBT – Electronic Benefits Transfer

@ Naseeb Jung is?

Ans: Lt.Governor of Delhi (Lieutenant Governor of Delhi)

@ Post Shipment and Pre Shipment is related to in Finance sector?

Ans: Export Finance

@ The Settlement in RTGS to settle with in a?

Ans: One day

@ An Authorised dealer is person authorised by RBI to deal in what?

Ans: Foreign Exchange

@ What is the term “B” stands for in “ABSA”?

Ans: Blocked

@ An Individual Borrower can check their credit report from

Ans: CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited)

@ RBI has released draft guidelines for licensing of payment banks, and small banks ?

Ans: 100 Crores

@ What is the currency of China?

Ans: Yuan

@ What is Repo Rate?

Ans: Definition has been asked (Prepare these terms)

@ Which of the following is the largest desert?

Ans: Sahara Desert

@ “Hafeez Saeed” is the leader of ____ Organization

@ What is MICR stands for ?

Ans: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

@ Which of the following locations has nuclear power plant?

Ans: Kakrapar

@ Who is the director of “Finding Fanny”movie?

Ans: Homi Adajania

@ Who is the writer of “Half Girlfriend”?

Ans: Chetan Bhagat

@ Who is John Kerry?

Ans: US finance secretary (visited India recently in the month of August)

@ In the case of BSBDA, the total debits by way of cash withdrawals and transfer shall not exceed __ in a month
Ans: 10000/-

@ About PMGSY

Ans: Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, Ministry of Rural development, Government of India

@ Pakistan player was banned for??

Ans: Illegal bowling action

@ ___ Company RBI has recently made a mandate a 2 step mobile authentication for E-commerce car Rental Company


@ A question about FATF (Financial Action Task Force)

@ ___ banking account that has been not claimed for 10m yr is

Ans: Unclaimed or also called Dormant Account or Inactive Account

@ BCSBI codes (Banking codes and standards board of India) is related to
Ans: Banking sector (Banks)

@ The tagline “The Bank that Begins with U” is of?

Ans: United Bank of India

@ PM Jan Dhan Yojan Insurance cover?

Ans: Rs.30, 000/-

@ What is the time limit fixed by RBI for resolution of complaints of ATM not withdraw money __

Ans: 07 days


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