IBPS PO 12th October,2014 Evening Shift Questions

IBPS PO 12th October,2014 Evening shift questions held in the evening session or evening shift of General Awareness Section are provided here. Candidates who have appeared for the exam on 12th October, 2014 evening shift can check their GA Section here. Check the general awareness questions held on 12/10/2014 of evening shift IBPS PO 2014 exam. The following are the IBPS PO 12th October,2014 Evening Shift Questions for aspiring candidates who appeared for exam and who are going to appear in forthcoming dates.

IBPS PO 12th October, 2014 Evening Shift Questions:

@ What is the current Repo Rate?

Ans: 8%

@ What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Riyal

@ Who is the present Prime minister of UK?

Ans: David Cameroon

@ Lisbon is the capital of ____ Country?

Ans: Portugal

@ Asiad games 2014 were held in which city?

Ans: Incheon

@ Sivasundram Hydropower project in which state?

Ans: Karnataka

@ There is a question about “Pahla Kadam, Pehli Udan”

Ans: SBI for minor 10 years and the above

@ The bank name of BRICS is?

Ans: New Development Bank

@ Upallu Srinivas is?

Ans: Madolin

@ Cantolania referendum from which country?

Ans: Spain

@ The Mary kom role of Priyanka Chopra is ____

Ans: Boxer

@ There is a question on solar project

@ In KYC, what does C stands for?

Ans: Know your Customer (Customer – C)

@ Government going to sell the stake in 3 Public Sector Undertakings, one of them is?

Ans: ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation limited)

@ I did not remember, but a question on “Ozone Layer”

@ The northern railway started –

Ans: Go India smart card

@ Real state Infrastructure fund

@ Question on Senior Citizen account

@ SEBI has extended guideline to appoint minimum 1 woman in the board of directors –

Ans: 31st March, 2015

@ Rupay set up for ____ banks?

Ans: Selected banks (Few)

@ ____ Motor Company ceo visited India?

Ans: General Motors

@ What is the full form of?

Ans: Real State Investment Trust

@ A question on woman card related

@ What is the minimum capital required for foreign bank to open a branch

@ Which pension scheme for unorganised sector ?

Ans: Swavalamban

@ RBI limited ATM facility on 5 cities, we know that. Who among the following do not come under this term?

Ans: BSBDA account holder

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